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And the Top 10 Cameroonian Actors-Kamerpedia




This ranking has been done by Kamerpedia. Kamerpedia is Cameroon largest encyclopedia involved in all aspects of Cameroonian cultures. They came up with the ranking based on the fast growing industry of the Cameroons Entertainment. They decided to create a list where voters voted on facebook and through messages either yahoo mail or Facebook. Their ranking which is carried out every 6months January 1st to June 30th release in early July and July 1st to December 30th release in early January will help Cameroonians to know who their actors and actresses are and also artists and who are topping the charts. You can follow them on Facebook here: Kamerpedia.


  1. Nkanya Nkwai is a great Cameroonian actor and has played many leads role in the movie industry. Been a versatile actor, his works also speaks volume like the movie Woman and the rest.



2. Epule Jeff is a top Cameroonian actor admired in the national territory for his hard work. Have acted in a lot of movies Smokescreen be one of them and also Tchanga & Inoma.


3. Cosson Chinepoh and Votias Otia are two great actors that the public couldn’t separate but pair them together. Haven’t acted in a lot movies, they hold a great esteem in their career.


4. Alenne Menget and Ivan Namme are two great actors to be reckon with in the film industry. Great acting in the movie Smokescreen


5. Desmond Wyte great actor, Gelam Dickson no doubt. Their acting skills in their various movies will live you with no exception.


6. Pascal Moma is a Cameroonian actor. Like any other actor, he has feature in a lot of movies, one of them is Night in the Grassfield. He is a great actor and merits the position.



7. Valery Val Nchifor not left out in the movie industry, great acting skill and great linguistic skills, a good actor to be precise not to talk of Ala Leo, very great skills portray inTenacity.



8. Libota Maco has acted in a lot of movies and Television series like Bad Angel and so on. Was one of the actors in the movie Tchanga & Inoma. A very good actor and deserves it.



9. Nkwah Kingsley Wouldn’t have much to say but the acting in him is great. Also Neba Godwill also is a great actor. His acting skills in Smokescreen was tremendous.



10. Eystein Young has acted in a lot of movies, his recent TV series was Samba. A great actor I must say, his movies are one of the most scary to watct, one of them is The Beast and also Ensomni.


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