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Buea: Blind People Plan More Protest Over Land Exploitation



Buea: Blind People Plan More Protest Over Land Exploitation

By Mbah Godlove

Struck by the continuous selling of their land by unscrupulous individuals, Persons With Visual Impairment, PVI at the rehabilitation institute for the blind, mile 16 Buea now wants an end to the practice.

After organising a protest last Wednesday which halted the circulation of cars in Buea for over two hours, plans are underway for more protests if action is not taken to address the situation.

BarataNews understands that some ex-trainers of the center have been mobilizing to organize more protests if nothing is done to stop the exploitation of the Bulu blind center land.

“In the past months, some individuals have been selling land that belongs to us. We are being marginalized to the extent that even what we own is being taken away from us,” a former student of Bulu told BN.

He added that they would not fold their arms and look at their lands, taken away stressing that, they are ready for the fight.

The Bulu blind center was created nearly 50 years ago to build the capacity of young blind and Visually Impaired people through formal and informal education.

Today, people are taking advantage of the ongoing Ambazonian war of Independence to expropriate the land, a situation that has sparked anger in current and formal students of the Bulu Blind center.

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