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Cameroon: Scamming is an Economic Panacea-Tapang Ivo



Tapang Ivo Tanku, activist, security expert and Journalist has postulated that Scamming is an economic panacea. In an online debate, he wrote ” Although scamming (advance fee fraud) is morally bad, it is an economic panacea for our nation’s ailing economy, if not in a long run, but at least for now.

He backed up his arguments by writing. Hear him:

” There is no morally sane country anyway. Even the Pope’s Rome is not sane. So why clamp down on scamming when in fact, it brings money into our economy? In my opinion, scamming should be encouraged. Some of the money sent back to Africa as remittances come from scamming. Western economies are well structured and well tailored that scamming should be illegal or treated with discord. In Africa, especially Cameroon, no policy works. Most of them are dubious. The government engages in deals that thrash its own youths. Youths are left at the mercy of God. Should they perish, and go to heaven, or live the hard way? When we talk of great economies today, do we sit to analyze how they got their wealth? USA for example depends on wars and arms trade, as one of the options, to feed its people.

France feeds on Africa. Aren’t arms trading and stealing from Africa a bad thing? Which of their citizens and lawmakers has ever dared to speak against it? If you put Christianity in politics, it would not work, in my opinion. Your people would topple you because they need food to survive. They need to gain and not lose…”

Tapang continues…. ” I know scammers who have progressed up with their money. I also know civil servants who have worked for 254 years, but have nothing to write home about..”.He asserted that those who are scammed are dubious too. They were trying to cheat our people. They need to lose more money for being greedy. However, it is a bad influence on youths in Cameroon. Most youths have been derailed by scamming. Lack of career focus, witchcraft practices, wasteful spending, etc. Tapang again cautions that If you stop scamming, be ready to create more prison cells. Most of the youths would become thieves overnight.

Tapang continues to throw more light . Hear him ” Russia got hackers. America same. China too. Cameroon got scammers. And interestingly, Russia and USA governments use their hackers in a positive way to boost their security. Can’t we too use our scammers to boost our economy? Let us stop being hypocrites by claiming to be holier than the Pope.”

Dubilla, a friend of Tapang supported him. He said ” Scamming like hacking are the same sides of the same coin. America got the highest hackers and Africa got the highest scammers. Had it been modern technology came to our poor Africans earlier on and centuries back, hacking would of course have been at its peak in Africa as well. It takes the same equipments and networks to hack as to scam. It’s just a game of fair play…”

Julette Takov laughs over it. Listen to her ” Scamming is the act of skillfully and knowingly extorting money or material things from someone or a country. let’s see who actually scams the most. France skillfully scam the Cameroon government, Western powers skillfully scam Africans off their minerals. So if the youths are skillfully scamming people then I will say it is……… I rest my case. I won’t support or not support scamming. I know people who scammed got the money they needed to start up their lives and stopped so I don’t know ”

However, Cedrin Piterechu disagrees with Tapang. He wrote ” Wrong is wrong no matter who does it…. The Pope is not Holy, i am as Holy as Christ….. (aside) .Well scamming and hacking are very distinct, can’t even be compared. Scamming is a Crime on its own, but Hacking isn’t except in certain circumstances ”


BaretaNews Position:


It is the position of BaretaNews that scamming should NEVER EVER be encouraged. No argument put forth can legitimize scamming. It is wrong, criminal act and punishable by law. It tarnishes the image of the country, takes way career focus from young people and eventually makes the economy to be filled with certified thieves. Africa and Cameroon need young people who invest more time in themselves and career orientation so that they could help in the development of the nation.

God is still saying something.

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