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Cameroons Miss Natural Beauty Queen



BaretaNews celebrates this month’s miss natural beauty queen. It is our joy to promote this event from the CEO of FG Touch, Miss Fokala Victorine who is making young Cameroonian ladies having confidence in their natural self. Black is beauty, being natural is beauty. Miss Fokala does this competition on a monthly basis and it is our hope that it will grow and grow tremendously. Already, Miss Fokala said there are growing interests from those who wishes to sponsor. Mr Akame Gerald from Belgium gladly announced he will be sponsoring next month contest. Yes, it is a Cameroonian thing and in our own little way, we should support the move. BaretaNews is glad to partner with this project in the communication arm. We call on Cameroonians of good will to come on board and propose ways in which this project can grow from the virtual world to physical with a large audience. That said, in announcing this month, July 2016 beauty contest, Miss Fokala wrote:



“..Just as last month, the Miss natural queen beauty pageant was here again. Our goals and aims have not been thwarted with time but have been strengthened by the zeal of more women to find confidence in who they truly are. The miss natural beauty pageant is aimed at encouraging our young women to not cover who they truly are under tones of makeup and embrace who they truly are. Pure natural beauties.

We want to thank all those who have made this month’s edition an even huger success than last month was and we know that your relentless support will make next month even better.

We had 14 amazing beauties from the start, then 11, then 6, then 3 and now we have an ULTIMATE QUEEN MAJAm BLESSING KFUKFU known on Facebook as Majam Bleble


She goes home with

1. A customised pillow to rest her beautiful head offered by S.W.A.P by FG TOUCH

2. A colour customised slip-on offered by Slip’n’Flip collection

3. A hair food treatment offered by KERAMANIAK HAIR FOOD INDUSTRIES of Miss Gwendolyne Halle

4. A nail treat voucher from LOGAN BEAUTY worth 5000frs

5. An ice cream treat with the organiser of the pageant …lol

And bragging rights as MISS NATURAL QUEEN JULY

Thank you all and see you next month for the next edition of Miss natural Queen pageant

BaretaNews is proud of our beauty queen

God is still saying something.

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