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Sunday Reflection: Power and authority in the Cameroons




Power and authority in the Cameroons has always been a channel via securing of privileged positions and personal wealth accumulation at the detriment of the Cameroons population. The sweetness of power has led many apologist of the regime with multiple post of responsibilities ruling for decades. The so-called democratic system of Biya’s government is ruled by very corrupt elites, corruption has become a normal phenomenon.

The situation has become worsened due to the fact that many Cameroonians have become handclapping citizens, less concerned about the problems of democracy, and the fight against corruption, this has led to the development of a sub-culture of silence, which inherently favors corruption.

Would the ideology of some Cameroonians change to radicalism as a means for liberation from this bondage of power and authority? Would they continue being stooges of the regime?. Cameroonians have a choice and they are the crossroad of deciding whether to remain a so-called peaceful country with shrinking development outcomes or to fight for a change which inherently will lead to power changing hands hence progressive development.

It is true that as the Cameroon situation is as complex as the word itself, a situation which seems to leave many Cameroonians tongue hanging and indecisive. But is peace indeed the absence of war, what depicts a peaceful country? How can Cameroonians get free from the bondage of Biyaism?
God is still saying something.

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