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It was on a Wednesday afternoon and the sky was azure, the sun shuns very brightly. He looked debonair in his fedora hat, a V-neck velvet white T-shirt, a sky-blue distressed jeans and a black Versace loafers. On a sunny day such as this, his swag will not be complete without his sophisticated pair of Ray Ban dark glasses. According to social media norms, Wednesdays are tagged ‘woman crush Wednesday.’ Jake had never understood what the word crush meant, to him it was just a euphemistic way of describing people you would like to have sex with. In fact using his words; ‘it is a fancy word for perverts’ he always said.

Jake had always taught he is an average guy albeit most ladies didn’t think so. He visited the gym on a regular basis. He had an athletic body and a very conspicuous six pack that was always accentuated when he wore a body hugging T-shirt. He was soft spoken but had a very husky voice, a lot of ladies found that attractive. Jake was once considered the most eligible bachelor in London before he engaged his Jamaican fiancée.

Jake had met Canella in a Jamaican dancehall party, the type was there were all sorts of obscenity and debauchery in full glare. The Dj and his co cursed at every given opportunity. The dancing was super freaky and the moves were despicable. Some of the dance moves catapulted his mind to certain scenes at the WWE only this time there was the absence of the referee and the supposed ‘fight’ was between a male and female. Jake stood there with eyes wide open, completely bewildered at what he was seeing. There was much energy in the room and it was so contagious. Most of the girls were shaking their backside in a very seductive manner, Jake will later discover it was the trendy dance called ‘Twerking’. ‘It was going to be a long night’ Jake whispered to Ayo, his Nigerian friend who cajoled him to attend the party.

Ayo was a party rider, tall, dark and handsome, he had a tiger head tattooed on his left arm. Needless saying he was a ladies’ man. He was a sharp contrast to Jake who was cool, calm and collected. In fact, Jake and Ayo had had a serious urtication pertaining to the tattoo. Jake was of the opinion that Tattoos were a subtly initiation. Of course, Ayo never saw things from that angle to him a tattoo was a fashionable accessory and added to a guy’s style. The good thing about them was they could easily bury the hatchet and move on to be best of friends. Their friendship was spanning over 5years now despite their ideological differences.

Back at the party, Jake noticed a rather reserved and very beautiful damsel with very long curly hair, her face lit so bright that Jake almost went blind for a second…

What do you think Jake will do???

Watch out for the nest episode of Scintillating Saturday Stories.

By Don ChaeuLe.

For BaretaNews.


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