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Forminyen Achu, popularly known as Smarty Le’Drae is a 21-year-old Cameroonian Blogger, Photo Model, and Artist. He hails from the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons. He is a graduate of the University of Yaounde. Achu recently launched his single debut titled #DON’TCARE.

Away from the fact that Cameroonians love to listen to Nigerian and other western music, Achu has succeeded in catching the soul and mind of Cameroonians especially those of the Anglophone Regions. It is fair to say that the Cameroonian internetosphere has been washed with Achu’s single from one blogger to another. I can confidently say that Achu remains one of the only youth artists who has succeeded in getting multiple bloggers writing about his single. This is true because the single is a hit and loved by many. Below are some screenshots of comments Cameroonians made. You can also listen to the sound below.

BaretaNews wishes Achu success in his newfound path to stardom. Would this remain? I #Don’tCare

2016-10-12-1 2016-10-12-2 2016-10-12-3

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