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Women Should Do Womb/Fertility Test Before Marriage




African marriage tradition is centered around childbearing. African marriages honour children, they celebrate its coming and singles it out as the most significant blessing from God. Most women in Africa have suffered in the hands of the husband family for not childbearing. Some have gone as far as doing all types of traditional and medical remedy to bring forth children. A woman without a child in her home is 90 percent out of the house. Most often, should the man not want it, his family will push the man to dish off the woman and get another. Women have suffered more than men in Africa. Sometimes, the fault could be coming from the man but more often than not, the woman has the blame.

In line with this thought, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Cameroon social and political activist has within these last days been issuing some married tips and advises. He has called for couples to go for joint properties to women to be good house cooks etc. Today, he wrote, hear him

” In as much as I support a series of health-related test to be made before marriage, I strongly suggest that a “womb test” could be added to the list, for those thinking of making babies.” He continues

“The rate at which abortions have peaked in Cameroon, makes me fear so much. And abortion is well correlated with lies telling. Some women will still not tell you the truth even if you show them so much love and clearly open up to them. As someone quipped, ‘some people can hold secrets for more than 18 years of marriage.’

Tapang added

“Why do you not tell the man you committed abortion, and that got rid of your womb or destroyed it? If a man loves you, he will accept you as you are, believe me. Marriage is a big decision for a man to take. So tell him the big secrets too. Men too could also have same fertility issues but hide it from the lady they are about marrying. Open up, run the test, and let her know.Marriage is best when secrets are exposed. That way, you sign the union with clean hands, and protect each other.”

I think I support Ivo’s declarations, both men, and women before marriage should do a number of tests from fertility test, blood groups, other health-related tests in order to show compatibility and avoid future problems.


God is still saying something.

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