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This will Work For You:Open Prayer to all “Singles”




Are you single and seriously searching for the right life partner? Nowadays we see young people switching from one man of God to another, from one church to another. But let me tell this, you can pray and experience a breakthrough in your life . Prayer changes things indeed! Where did you keep your faith? Prayer works!

Moreover, if you’re unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship, then you’re single according to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. As controversial as the term implies, it is so because of the much emphasis and worries of most single persons especially women of marriageable ages. I have never been married, but I think my most enjoyable life is now (as a Bachelor), free to fly from “east to west” with no questioning. However, it all depends on the said stage in one’s life, like a local adage says “anything get ei time”, so why not enjoy yours rather than worry too much.

Some will wonder when they will find their man/woman who will love them genuinely, others have won awards as bridesmaids, some have equally resigned their life to faith with the hope of finding the “ideal man” (tall, handsome, well build up, swag, charisma, intelligent, rich, famous, eloquent, charming, warming, romantic… etc). Some who were once married are championing for a divorce and would rather be single. Frankly speaking, one would never know till you experience it, like marriage per se.

For the past months, we have been thrilled by fascinating stories and experiences relating to sex, children, manners, love, care, interest, amongst others in relationships. The single status definitely needs a little reflection; not about the experiences of being single, but the need to accept and enjoy your singleness while praying to God for a change of status for those who believe and want a change. This is an open prayer to all the single people out there. Pray with me;

Lord Jesus, as diverse as we’re, some of us have never been married; some are divorced, separated, and others widowed. Our interests are as varied as we’re and yet, we have one thing in common: in a world of “twos”, it’s so easy to feel like a half and not a whole. Yet in our singleness there lies a strength that should not be overlooked “our oneness”, which can give a sense of union with you. Lord, we can focus on you because you understand us and our needs like no other since you too were a single person here on earth.

Lord, I, therefore, ask you to shower your blessings now, not just for myself but for all single people everywhere most of whom are unknown to me but they’re my sisters and brothers because we share a common bond “single status”. May we all come to realize the fullness of life by learning to focus on the good we can do, a sense of wellbeing, self-love, and inner peace. Thank you, Lord, for being aware of me just as I am. May You bless our heart desires…thank you for your love.


By Uncle Akame Gerald

For BaretaNews



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