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Bad Faith From Cameroon Bar Association: NW Representative Resigns



Common Law Lawyers from Southern Cameroons had this week expressed dismay towards Biya’s lukewarm attitude in an open communique addressed to the President of the Republic on the 6th of October 2016 in Bamenda. They expressed their grievances towards government non-reaction to the resolutions and declarations of 9th May 2015 in Bamenda and 13th February 2016 in Buea which they submitted to the government. Triggered by the government’s lukewarm attitudes towards their plight, the Common Law Lawyers decided to have a sit-down strike from Tuesday 11th October to Friday 14th October 2014. They also called on Cameroon Bar Association to support them in this venture

BaretaNews learned the strike action is going smoothly as planned. However, there seems to be a firestorm between Cameroon Bar Association and the Common Law Lawyers. This has made the Representative of the Cameroon Bar President in the North West Region to resign as a result of bad faith from the Cameroon Bar.

In a letter dated 11th October and addressed to the President of the General Assembly, Cameroon Bar Association, Barrister Bobga wrote ” I have just received the release by your Representative for Fako Division, Barrister John Kameni of Buea who today issued a communique to the effect that the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association distances itself from the ongoing strike action of Common Law Lawyers following government’s snob of their complaints since May, 9th, 2015 followed by several reminders”

Barrister Bobga Resigns

Barrister Bobga Resigns

The release continued ” I also note that neither the Bar Council nor your office has officially and specifically addressed the issues of concern of the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers since our inaugural conference of Bamenda in May 2015. …”

Barrister Bogba complaint that after talking with sister associations across Anglophone Cameroon, he is resigning effectively as the Representative of the Bar Association President in the North West Region because he cannot represent a body who is against the well being of Common Law Lawyers. Barrister Bogba urges the Cameroon Bar Association President to retract the communique issued by Barrister Kameni before he can get into any meaningful dialogue.

BaretaNews understands that Barrister Kameni, a Francophone is trying to thwart the struggles of the Common Law Lawyers by playing politics. We of this platform stand with the Common Law Lawyers.

Meanwhile, Prince Nfor Hanson, Equinox Journalist wrote ” Finally OHADA Law will be translated into English.The minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal Laurent Esso says procedures should commence without delay. Ntumfor Barrister NICO Halle in an exclusive chat revealed that the minister who is representing Paul Biya in Lome,TOGO gave the instructions in a meeting held Tuesday in Yaounde. But Barrister Roland Abeng who initiated the idea of translating OHADA law says the government has failed to give a time frame and how the laws will be translated.
The government is still to announce officially”

God is still saying something.

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