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Restoration Forces On High Alert As Colonial Soldiers Plan Revenge Of Matazem Defeat



Restoration Forces On High Alert As Colonial Soldiers Plan Revenge Of Matazem Defeat

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s forces have been mobilizing to strike back after Santa’s Ambazonia Fighters left about half a dozen of them dead in Matazem.

Earlier on Saturday, November 13, General Okoro led his forces with other defense groups to Matazem where they implanted an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

The aim of the outing was to target French Cameroun’s uniformed personnel who had been patrolling the area.

As the vehicle boarded, the colonial soldiers drove closer, General Okoro and his men unleashed the master plan, which resulted in the death of the 6 enemies.

Angered by the killing of two Ambazonian pupils in the space of one month, the venerated General Okoro took upon himself to avenge such a huge loss.

These incidences and the very fact that Ambazonia’s independence is not negotiable, according to the Santa Restoration Forces; explain the reasons for the Matazem attack.

Following Saturday’s defeat, French Cameroun deployed 4 armored vehicles and hundreds of troops to go after the Santa Freedom fighters.

Sources say General Okoro and his team are quite aware of the enemy’s presence in their territory and are said to be in high moral.

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