Samuel Etoo’s Hypocritical Visit to Ambazonia: Angry Online Reactions from Ambalanders


Samuel Etoo’s Hypocritical Visit to Ambazonia: Angry Online Reactions from Ambazonians

The recent news that, La Republique du CameroUn’s (LRC) soccer star and UNICEF good will Ambassador Samuel Etoo, shall be visiting Ambazonia for a so-called “peace-preaching mission”, is already raising very angry dust among Ambazonians on Social Media. The fact is that Samuel Etoo and his gang of intending visitors are all shameless hypocritical fellows of the highest order.

From his antecedence in responding to humanitarian situations in the Cameroons, Samuel Etoo has been swift when it comes to his fellow LRC citizens. However, the fact that he and others have all been suspiciously silent and blind to the intentional and dehumanizing abuses on Ambazonians from their own government for the past two years, is testament to the fact that they approve and are in tandem with the perception of their people and leaders that Ambazonians are their slaves and conquered people.

With a sudden planned hypocritical visit, Ambazonians are asking the right questions to the colonial agents – What has suddenly open their eyes on a need for a “peace-preaching mission” in Ambazonia? Is because things are now politically falling apart in their camp? Or Is it a covert FECAFOOT mission to rescue the hosting right of the African Cup of nations which is about to fall off from their hands considering the present conflict? Ambazonians have reminded Etoo and others that they cannot succeed where the so-called Ambazonian elites have failed.

Among the different activists on Social Media, who have t been tackling the colonial agent and his tele-guiders through very critical write-ups and reactions, BaretaNews finds two very interesting ones worth sharing to a larger Ambazonian audience.


The first is from Ambazonian Civil Liberty Activist, Comrade Capo Daniel, who writes:


The French Cameroun soccer star Samuel Eto who had previously spoken of the British Southern Cameroons crisis in an unwelcome manner, is now set for a propaganda mission to Ambazonia. The primary aim of the colonial administration in organizing this visit is to save the African Nations Cup and to reassure the football community that it is safe to hold the nation’s cup in the Cameroons. The so-called visit by Etoo to Ambazonia has nothing to do with a show of solidarity to the victims of state terrorism in these regions but a complete insult to the suffering of the over 160000 Ambazonia driven away from their indigenous homes and the 60000 who have been forced into Nigeria as refugees. If Etoo actually cares about the plights of the victims, let him go first of all to visit the refugee camps in Nigeria just as he visited French Camerounese in Libya. His visit is a provocation that may result to conflict and unnecessary deaths.”


The second worth sharing reaction comes from Comrade Ambe Emmanuel, who writes:



After all failed attempts to resolve Anglophone crisis, LRC resorts to subterfuges to hoodwink us like they did in Foumban and perhaps to divert attention while they prepare another scheme against us. They surely take us for Foumban fools.

Etoo to visit Ambazonia to encourage children on the necessity resuming classes as yet another September approaches with no end in sight as things are getting worse on the field.


Where we’re you when students were beaten on the streets and forced to drink sewage.

Where we’re you when school children and teachers were abducted and illegally detained

Where were you when entire villages, 78 in number were razed to the ground

Where were you when old people were burnt in their homes

Where were you when pregnant women were giving birth in the bushes in the midst of mosquitoes and snakes and rainfall, the cold.

Where were you when old people died in the bushes because if lack of medical care

Where were you when even hospitals were attacked by LRC forces

Where were you when the injured were denied medical care and left to die of their injuries.

Where were you when there was an international uproar about the plight of refugees stranded in Nigeria for over a year now.

When there was an international uproar about citizens stranded in Libya you took the initiative, even to the point of spending you own money to bring them home.

When Longue Longue fought legal battles in France, you took the initiative to the point of freeing him and bringing him home.

When Nguea Laroute was on the hospital dying bed, you took the initiative to rescue her life.

When Ambazonians were stranded in Nigeria you never gave it a thought.

True to yourself and to your mentors, we are not citizens of this country, his idea, they are terrorist’s obsessive to be punished as your Etoudi mentor declared.

Now that the Diplomatic noose is tightening around him, he suddenly remembers you are UNICEF good will ambassador and he pulls you out like a trump card to divert attention.

As much as we cannot begrudge your generosity nor give troublesome on how to spend your money, your visit can only be seen as a midwife that arrives after the child has been born.

You want to come and tell us about education?

No education in war, the war Biya declared. Stop, you don’t love our children more than we love them.

You are not welcome in Ambazonia.

Anglophones have their own goodwill ambassadors who from very humble backgrounds are breaking grounds.

Our youth have taken the challenge amid all the odds, the death threats, the insults, the freezing of their bank accounts yet they have made two trips to Nigeria and visited many internally displaced.

Our boys have stood up, like Mancho, standing up and living up to the challenge, at a time when every other person is sitting down in his comfort zone, too afraid to speak up.

Even our so called elite and elected representatives have kept sealed lips. They only made some noise when it was close to the Senatorial to give us the impression that they cared about us.

When there was war in the North the entire republic contributed to assist victims of the north. There has been trouble in Ambazonia, who has raised a finger?

This goes further to show that we are in two different countries.



Long live the AYAH FOUNDATION.”

With such reactions among many others, it is evidently clear as BaretaNews earlier stated that; Mr. Etoo and his team shall not be welcomed in Ambazonia. He has allowed colonial politics and propaganda from the government of his home country, to blind his humanitarian eyes. His planned so-called peace-mission to Ambazonia at this point in time is not only hypocritical but a political propaganda that must be tamed.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

Otto Ama


  1. Sunshine

    June 7, 2018 at 3:00 AM

    biya’s AGENT TO AMBAZONIA – etoo.


    It is so sad that when thousands of Ambazonians got locked up, raped, mimed, imprisoned and killed by biya and his criminals, you etoo said nothing. They, Ambazonians to this day continue to languish in lrc jails, hungry, tortured, abused, lonely and dying everyday under your eyes and without a word to biya who declared the war to stop the killing of Ambazonians. Because it only adds to your self ego and largess, you want to make an important visit to Ambazonia under the pretext that you are a UNESCO ambassador – you may be, but not to Ambazonia.

    You may want to know that our experience with people like you, shamelessly come to Ambazonia only to steal, miam and loot material and intellectual wealth from Ambazonians. We in Ambazonia know you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We do not need or dream of you in Ambazonia. You come to Ambazonia at your risk. We know francophone brothers and sisters who love and care for us but not the likes of etoo. When we needed you most to tell biya to stop the carnage, you remained quiet and pretended that all was and is going on well in your lrc. Biya has killed more than 2000 Ambazonians and continues with thousands more imprisoned, maimed and staying in the forest. YET, YOU HAVE SAID NOTHING OR ASKED BIYA TO STOP THE GENOCIDE ON ARMLESS AMBAZONIANS. PLEASE, KNOW THAT AMBAZONIANS WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN AND WOMAN TO SECURE THEIR FREEDOM. We do not need you etoo!!!!

    We see you etoo as a poisoned arrow sent by biya’s criminal GANG to continue the destruction of THE PEOPLE OF Ambazonia. Please, please, do not come to Ambaszonia, YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE. COME AT YOUR RISK IF YOU WANT TO !!!! BIG HYPOCRITE…

  2. Mukong

    June 7, 2018 at 4:44 AM

    It is now or never for us to put an end to this condescending attitude from these french slaves. It is sacrilegious for this hypocrite to even think of setting foot in Ambaland. We have withstood all that his kinsmen have thrown at us hoping that we will crumble into submission; but the opposite is the result as we are standing tall and more determine than before.

  3. Malis

    June 7, 2018 at 4:47 AM

    The pain of the killings, massacres, raping, dehumanization, pure savagery and hate. The agony of seeing our people, women, girls, mothers, babies living in bushes in subhuman and animal like conditions, and finally, the lies, forgery, the disgust we must endure from seeing those in LRC literally having pleasure and content in our extermination, their BIRs killing and raping us, the burning alive of our people, burning of our villages, home, schools, … the importation of people of other nations to come and lay their rotten, nasty and stinking selves on our lovely people totally destroyed irreplaceable all the memory, experience, … that was left in us.

    I’m sorry, we love Eto as a person, but there is nothing he can do, absolutely nothing. He can not evoke any memory, experience, or what so ever in us. Not even God can do it. There is nothing anyone can do to make us go back to where we once were.

    LRC you say you are great, you are God, you are powerful, if so why in hell are you running behind us? We don’t want anything form you, take your greatness, money, … and go stay there alone in LRC with France.

    We Ambazonians are done with that entity called LRC.
    We feel infinitely so good being our selves, Ambazonians, and we are not trading that for anything.

  4. Mbeuh

    June 7, 2018 at 6:01 AM

    Perhaps I need to make this my own cliché or better still paraphrase it much like the ‘one and indivisible’. Why, I will continue to ask, is it yet to dawn on Biya that enslavement for 57 years is over for good? what good is this very belated lame effort to appease former slaves? I watched the youtube video link post by Mr. Tabot yesterday and it is laughable as Chris Anu picks on and analysis with derision the proposals put forth by Mr. Biya to end our struggle for freedom. For example, the proposal to set aside 25% of the budget for development of infrastructure in Southern Cameroon. ha! ha! Over 60-65% of the national budget is derived from exploitation of resources from Southern Cameroon and the proposal is to set aside 25%? Proposing some Bamelike dialect as a national language? Why is this guy taking us for fools? why, for God’s sake why? Freedom at last, freedom at last.

  5. Paul

    June 7, 2018 at 6:56 AM

    Wow, was he asleep? It seems he was waiting for a particular number of people to be killed before saying something. That is unacceptable, a waste of peoples time and resources, too little too late.


    June 7, 2018 at 8:51 AM

    Just ignor him as a non event.

    If he is serious, he should unseat Biya before thinking of engaging with us.

    I think the French mentality still has difficulties in understanding who we are, where we are coming from and where we are going. We don’t need aimless peace missions. Our objectives are clear and no one can turn it around because it is written in our blood veins.

    Any form of whitewashing in the name of peace,…. is just postponing the same problem. So its better to face it now once and for all. Independence, freedom to the Ambazonians now or never. Any visit, talking,… that does not lead us to this objective is considered null and void.

  7. Eric EA

    June 7, 2018 at 9:31 AM

    My brothers and sisters who will that fack call Etoo speak to, especially in that their language. Some our brothers who are good soccer stars even tried to speak their language (french) so that they can play in the cameroon team then but were segrigated from this same guy. Their president declear war on Almighty Abazonian, with all what has been going on he said nothing. Now they have seen that the cloud is be coming darker on their side, he want to come talk. Fulish boy. Make them no worry a sell them one coco for 10000cfa. Balock country, dry country, Contry whe na blood succers them flop there. Balock go follow yi if e try step yi alcotic foot them for that blessed land.

  8. ATEM

    June 7, 2018 at 10:56 AM

    We can’t take care of people like Eton if we haven’t taken care of those bringing them to us.Our own brothers like the EKEMA,the NALOWA’S,the Mussonge the FRUIT NDI etc.unail we take of those from within our problems may never be solved.

  9. MOG

    June 7, 2018 at 11:09 AM

    Mr. Eto’o Samuel, the unwanted Saviour to Ambaland! You have your international recognition to the honour of your country, LRC. Keep it there, sir, our own turn will come! Your mission is truly looked and understood by us that you are a piece of poisoned cake sent to come and add to our anger, sorrows, pains, deaths and more. You are on a mission to provoke us more! You are the Devil’s agent to Ambazonians; can’t you just understand that! You know that you are on a mission to destroy Ambazonians further, you know it so well, so tell your Demonic Master that the heavenly Angels and Arch Angels are angry and will destroy you should you make this double-standard mission to pretend to appease the people in the open, but digging their graves and burring them in hiding!

  10. MOG

    June 7, 2018 at 11:25 AM

    Mr. Eto’o Samuel, the unwanted Saviour to Ambaland! You have your international recognition to the honour of your country, LRC. Keep it there, sir, our own turn will come! Your mission is truly looked and understood by us that you are a piece of poisoned cake sent to come and add to our anger, sorrows, pains, deaths and more. You are on a mission to provoke us more! You are the Devil’s agent to Ambazonians; can’t you just understand that! You know that you are on a mission to destroy Ambazonians further, you know it so well, so tell your Demonic Master that the heavenly Angels and Arch Angels are angry and will destroy you should you make this double-standard mission to pretend to appease the people in the open, but digging their graves and burring them in hiding! What you should do is first of all tell your Demonic and ocultic Master, Biya to immediately take away all his useless and tactless soldiers from Ambaland before they get finished by our morally sound and skillful soldiers they cannot face man-to-man. If not burning down people’s homes and killing innocent and armless peace-loving Ambazonians civilians, can they face Ambazonian soldiers! Advice you Demonic instead of coming will hidden ill-intentions to Ambaland!

  11. Atem Bakia

    June 7, 2018 at 3:19 PM

    Our defense forces should target and shoot him.

  12. William atem

    June 8, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    u guys are stupid as fuck! so now I see you idiots dont want this to end because it benefits u 1 way or the other…my family in the bushes now and wuna dey wuna for u dear the real slave masters their land..who is being hypocritical here?I would prefer where I am with my other brothers than to run away like cowards which u people are to another man’s land and can’t fix ur own country.. at least etoo is making an effort, what efforts have u guyz made other than knowing how to type with your free WiFi there..
    bunch of loosers..the day this will end, mark bereta and others u guyz will answer to the anglophone not even the world at large. all u do is sit and type and want others to fight for you.

    now your so called amba forces are 80% Nigerians wizards from delta region. so if your so called cause is won, do you think they will sit back and watch you the anglophone take power? when they make the majority of your force! think about it cos most of u who claim to run this show have no experience e and know nothing as u all are just experimenting on this. bu ch of IDIOTS!!!!!

  13. Marcel

    June 8, 2018 at 4:13 PM

    William atem (if that is your real name), be careful, your ignorance would not go unresponded next time.

    • Shillah

      June 8, 2018 at 4:33 PM

      Who be u @marcel to caution William atem. U better take advise from him stupid idiot. Go ask DRcongo wat happened to them after using mercenaries from kagame Rwanda. Why do u guy think DRC is a mess n the war there never end while kagame n is western backer r plundering the wealth of the eastern Congo. I guess useless terrorists like @marcel can think that far.

  14. Amba Freedom

    June 10, 2018 at 7:48 PM

    Britain withdraws from EU after 43 years.
    Ambazonia is withdrawing from #Cameroon Republic after 57 years
    Britain is now negotiating the terms of withdrawal from EU.
    Ambazonia like it or not #Cameroon Republic will have to negotiate terms
    with withdrawal. Afterall ask #Biya he seceded in 1984 when he unilaterally
    went back from fake United Republic of Cameroon to Republic of Cameroon.

    When you dig a pit for an innocent person, you will fall in it. Republic of Cameroon will have to enjoy the pit they dug.

    The Most High God is the Watch man of Ambazonia.

    We cry for our sons and daughters who have lost their lives.
    A generation had to sacrifice for freedom. Here is what late Martin Luther King said about freedom.

    “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

    We’ve demanded for years in a peaceful manner, but the oppressor asked “Vous allez faire quoi? For years we did “Rien” But today ask the question again.

    Ambazonia has an answer for you.


    June 11, 2018 at 10:46 PM

    Love your post Amba Freedom. Well articulated

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