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Fako Indigenes To Biya : Arrest Our Chiefs



The Fako Progressive Indigenous Association, FAPIA has through a letter addressed to the Head of State, President Paul Biya called for an investigation and possible sanctions on some Fako chiefs who had earlier written to the president.

The chiefs are reported to have addressed a letter to the Head of State, President Paul Biya in which they present the difficulties, embarrassments and predicaments they are confronted with in relation to a land surrender application they sent to government through the Fako Administration.

In the same letter, the chiefs also begged the Head of State to save them from shame, ridicule, humiliation, and imprisonment by ‘sponsors’ who had contributed financially for the follow-up of the land files.

FAPIA added that the act of collecting money from the so-called sponsors demonstrates clearly that the chiefs don’t function with their indigenous population.

“We pray that government should sanction most of the land mongers who have misused our Fako land. Moreover, the innocent Cameroonians who are the victims of these illegal practices by some of these chiefs have a legitimate right to recover their hard-earned money through the courts…alluding to the sentencing of a criminal like Ndotoh Thomas Elinge, who is in prison and still faces several criminal charges of false pretence to support their cause is troubling” FAPIA noted

The association also called on the president not to succumb to blackmail by the chiefs who claim their possible incarceration might have a very negative effect on CPDM party in their communities “…the threat concerning the CPDM party will never work because they don’t have any grip on their population, they don’t speak for the Fako people whose right over land has been conspicuously violated… so the ruling party should be confident that they will still enjoy the people’s backing.” The letter dated September 28, 2016 concludes

The Sun Newspaper

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