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Consortium Declares Teachers’ Release Null and Void



In view of the so-called communique calling the strike action off from few teachers Trade Union leaders, the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has reacted. Their release reads thus:

Consortium Declares Release Ending Teachers’ Strike Null and Void.

Our fellow West Cameroonians,

We have all heard on Cameroun’s state broadcaster CRTV that a few teachers in the teacher’s trade union headed by Tassang Wilfred, have been coerced by the 34-year brutal regime through the colonial governor of the Northwest region to sign a release calling off the school boycott.

We are all aware that the true leaders designated democratically by all the interest groups fighting for the liberation of West Cameroonians are either in detention, self-exile or on the run.

We have watched Mr. Tassang Wilfred of the leading teachers’ trade union, CATTU, urging every West Cameroonian to remain firm until we get to the finish line. He has released several videos from his hudding place to call for maximum civil disobedience. Those leaders decreed the boycotts of 11 February 2017 and 20 May 2017 celebrations. The reason is to protect the future of our very children and secure that they do not face what we are seeing today.

Finally, our leaders pointed out clearly that this strike action will only be called off at a public press conference. This means that whatever announcement you are hearing on CRTV or other propaganda media with regards to the strike is null and void. And it should be disregarded and discredited.

CATTU has only one legitimate leader called Tassang Wilfred who is still in the country. No one must take his place. The strike, by the way, is no longer a teachers’ strike. It is a West Cameroon struggle whose leading body is the Consortium. Only the Consortium has the legitimate right to call off any strike.

The Consortium, therefore, reiterates that the boycott of ALL SCHOOLS in West Cameroon must continue. We shall not celebrate 11 February anywhere and everywhere in West Cameroon. Keep up with the ghost towns on Monday, 6 February; Friday, 10 February; and Saturday 11 February.

God is with us!

For the consortium

Tapang Ivo Mark Bara

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