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We Are Ready To Die For Our Statehood Restoration – Ambazonians To LRC



Ambazonians Mass Protest






Diehard Ambazonians have sent out strong worded messages to the colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). They say come Sunday October 1, 2017, the people of Southern Cameroons shall demonstrate across all Counties in the Northern and Southern Zones. This, they indicated, will prove to the colonial invaders of Southern Cameroons’ territory that the people are fearless of the bullet.

People brace up for October 1

Speaking exclusively to BaretaNews, at least ten Counties have indicated, they shall be on the major streets come Sunday October 1, to celebrate their restoration victory.

“We have mobilised our people long before the September 22 mass demonstration. We all know what to do. Come that Sunday October 1, 2017. We shall begin celebrating our restoration success from 10 am Amba time. Nothing shall prevent us from demonstrating on the streets,” Fotabong Bertrand, an Amba activist in Menji, Lebialem County said.

Amid the massive presence of LRC forces on Air, Land and Sea, the people of Southern Cameroons are resolute to give October 1, 2017, the gravity it deserves.

“We have not been intimidated one bit, with the presence of these colonial forces from LRC. We shall all march in group and climb up to our Independence Square in Buea, where shall all pray, sing and rejoice for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons,” Eko Russell, a Southern Cameroonian in Mile 16, Fako County.

Curfew in Southern Cameroons

It should be noted that the colonial administrators of the Northern and Southern Zones have placed curfew in all counties in Southern Cameroons. In a later address to the population, these ‘agent provocateurs’ have banned all circulations to and from Southern Cameroons From Friday September 29, 2017, to Monday, October 2. According to the letter, everyone is expected be indoors within such times, with social gatherings avoided in all nooks and crannies of Southern Cameroons.

The move, aimed at intimidating the people of Southern Cameroons from coming out amass on October 1, 2017, have been received with a pinch of salt. Many are promising to come out and demonstrate even at gun point.

“We encourage the people of Southern Cameroons to load their phones with enough airtime and data. More instructions will be giving them subsequently preceding our restoration Sunday. We are in desperate times. We therefore enjoin all the people of Southern Cameroons to unite their arsenals, as we embark on the restoration of our statehood,” Molua Martins, an Ambazonian in Buea Town, Buea County.

The restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons is certain. The people are determine now, more than ever to embark on this venture. The international community is observing. God is on our side. We all wait for Sunday October 1, 2017, to converge on Buea and celebrate the restoration of our fatherland.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor, BaretaNews.

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