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20th May: Simple Questions, Simple Anwsers



1. Which category of people voted to join French Cameroon in 11th Feb 1961? Southern Cameroonians voted willfully
2. Did the plebiscite vote legalised the Union with French Cameroon?
No, it was just an expression the people of Southern Cameroons made to join French Cameroon. The legality was supposed to be followed by a series of statutes, according to UN Charter to formalised the Union.
3. Were those statutes formalised? NO, Never.
4. What about Foumban conference? Foumban conference was a gentlemen meeting to agree on the terms of the Union, which were never ever implemented even though the Union was faulty.
5. Did Foncha had the authourity to represent the Southern Cameroons delegation at Foumban? No, he never had the authourity because foreign affairs was not under his jurisdiction. Britain sold the people of Southern Cameroons out.
6. What happened then on 20th May 1972?
On 20th May, President Ahidjo organised a referendum to demolish the two state Federation Southern Cameroonians voted to join in flagrant disrespect of the spirit and letter of the then Federal Constitution.
7. But Cameroonians actually voted to leave Federation?
This is faulty. It was Southern Cameroonians who voted to join a union based on two state federation with equal status. You cannot organise a referendum and asked French Cameroonians who had nothing to do with 11th Feb vote to vote if the status of the Union should be changed. President Ahidjo used his Majority of French Cameroon to crush the Federation. The vote should have been left for Southern Cameroonians only to decide. However, it was still against article 47 of the federal constitution, which protects status of the Union.
8. What could be the way forward? The way forward is only by doing the right thing. Stop celebrating illegal dates. The Biya regime should heed to the call of the lawyers.Invite all parties on the table to map a way forward for the country in line with the reasons why Southern Cameroons voted to join.This will entail making sure the Union is formal and give room through a referendum for Southern Cameroonians to decide their faith. President Biya himself did promise many years back in France to call for a referendum concerning the Southern Cameroons question.
God Bless Southern Cameroons.
God is still saying something

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