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Principal of Government High School Oku Released After Encounter with Ambazonian Freedom Fighters



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Principal of Government High School Oku Released After Encounter with Ambazonian Freedom Fighters

By Mbah Godlove

In a clear demonstration of their unwavering commitment to the elimination of colonial institutions within Ambazonia, freedom fighters have taken decisive action against the principal of Government High School Oku, located in Bui county.

Reliable sources have confirmed that Matikah Emmanuel, the head teacher in question, was apprehended by restoration forces a week ago while en route to distribute student report cards. This incident serves as the latest example of the resolute stance maintained by Ambazonian freedom fighters against the operation of colonial schools in their territory.

Matikah Emmanuel reportedly vowed to convey a stern message to the colonial regime hierarchy, emphasizing that these schools are not only illegal but also a direct violation of Ambazonian law. After spending a week in detention, the principal was released on Friday, December 22, presumably to deliver the message to his superiors.

It is essential to note that freedom fighters within Ambazonia have consistently declared their intent to shut down all colonial schools operating within their jurisdiction. This recent incident underscores the seriousness of their commitment and the tangible actions taken to ensure the cessation of such educational institutions in the region. The release of the Oku Colonial School principal serves as a real-life example of the consequences faced by those associated with the operation of clandestine educational institutions in Ambazonia.

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