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Word’s Braille Day: Persons With Visual Impairment Decry Horrors Of Biya Declared-war



Word’s Braille Day: Persons With Visual Impairment Decry Horrors Of Biya Declared-war

By Mbah Godlove

Persons with Visual Impairment (PVIs) just like other persons with disabilities have decried the horrendous effects of the ongoing Biya declared-war as the international community commemorates the International World’s Braille Day.

Braille, being the writing that Persons with Visual Impairment use in written communication, users say they have been badly affected by the ongoing Amazonian war of independence.

Amongst an estimated 2.2 billion PVIs across the globe according to figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ambazonia is host to hundreds of such people with special abilities.

Out of 855000 Ambazonian children who have been forced out of school as a result of the current deadly war, according to UNICEF, the Visually Impaired are equally included.

Sources say some female PVIs who were forced out of school since 2016 have been raped, a situation which has made many to become young mothers while others have been infected with diseases.

Addressing the media recently, the first ever Journalist with Visual Impairment to have graduated from the University of Buea, Kesah Princely unequivocally revealed that both warring parties in Southern Cameroons have violated the right of persons with disabilities.

To the dynamic Journalists, Disabilities Advocate and Social Critic, both belligerents need to respect the 2006 UN convention on the protection of rights of persons with disabilities, and other human right instruments protecting people with disabilities during war time.

Meantime, the unruly colonial soldiers of French Cameroun have killed several Persons with Disabilities, brutally assaulted many while thousands of others have forcibly been displaced.

As the international community observes the 2020 World’s Braille Day this January 04, it is the wish of many a person with Visual Impairment that a peace deal be stroke so that life can return to normal.

The International Braille Day was officially endorsed by the UN in 1949 to promote knowledge acquisition and awareness of Persons with Visual Impairment for an equitable and inclusive society.

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