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Dr. Fomunyoh Trumpets Ambazonian Conflict; Calls For Negotiated Settlement



Dr. Fomunyoh Trumpets Ambazonian Conflict; Calls For Negotiated Settlement

By Mbah Godlove

The Regional Director of the National Democratic Institute of Foreign Affairs for West and Central Africa has taken to the rostrum to urge Canada to intervene in a long-lasting solution to the Ambazonian war of independence.

Speaking at the Canadian House of Common’s Subcommittee for International Affairs recently, Dr. Fomunyoh reiterated the need for Canada to facilitate in pushing French Cameroun to a mediation table.

The firebrand Senior Researcher revealed in his presentation that French Camerounian officials have always demonstrated bad faith in resolving the four-year-long deadly armed conflict.

He emphasized among other things the military option used by the colonial government and the neglect of the conflict by the International Community as factors that have exacerbated the war.

Just like other peace advocates, the intellectual surmised that an immediate ceasefire, and a mediation process, led by a third party, could bring hostilities in the war-torn zones of Ambazonia to an end

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