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French Cameroun’s Military Atrocity In Mutengene: Dozens Arrested



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

French Cameroun’s Military Atrocity In Mutengene: Dozens Arrested

By Mbah Godlove

Military forces loyal to the colonial regime of French Cameroun have crackdown on Ambazonians in Mutengene, Tiko LGA, BaretaNews has learned.

A mixed contingent of the soldiers invaded the locality, Friday, January 21, wrecking severe havoc.

Local media have reported that dozens of youth were indiscriminately whisked off, with or without their identification documents.

Those who had 25000FCFA to secure their release were spared, sources have revealed.

Mutengene inhabitants have decried the fact that colonial agents have been using the Ambazonian war of independence for several months now to enrich themselves.

The situation has been worsening by the hosting of CAF African Championship Group D matches in Victoria.

The colonial elements are noted for extorting money from civilians in the name of maintaining law and others.

Locals have continuously expressed disdain over such fraudulent activities, stressing that something is done to avert the status quo.

The Mutengene rate is just one of several missions undertaken by the alien forces, to fill their pockets to the detriment of the suffering masses.

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