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Tchiroma Accuses The International Community









Developing Story: Tchiroma Accuses The International Community

Tchiroma, Cameroun propaganda Minister is worried that the International Community is not condemning the killings of gendarmes. He accuses the international community and NGOs for supporting the so called secessionists.

Why was Tchiroma not worried over the international community silence when their military massacred and are still killing hundreds of our people?

Tchiroma should be aware that the international community knows that they have written severally and begged for dialogue but the regime has failed to call for dialogue. The international community had warned that arms might get into the game if dialogue fails to take place. So no Mr. Tchiroma, the international community is aware that it is because of your intransigence that has resulted to this level. The international community are not fools.

Tchiroma should be aware that the international community knows that La Republique has massacred hundreds of our people with guns and they are aware of Ayaba Cho Lucas ( CIC Ambazonia Governing Council) actions as a means to defend homeland and send away the occupier forces.

Tchiroma should shut his mouth, advise his government to pull away their alien forces from our land, release all our people from jail, enable an environment for dialogue base on the root causes as advised by the UN in the presence of the third parties otherwise the days ahead shall be unknown to many.

Mark Bareta.

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