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Cardinal Tumi Comes Out: Says No Union Between Both Cameroons, Says Foumban Conference Were Wine Drinkers







In an interview granted to ONG Un Monde Avenir and at his residence this Monday morning , August 21, 2017, His Eminence Christian Tumi summarized what happened in July 1961 in Foumban. The Cardinal declared that there has never been any marriage between british Cameroons and French Cameroon. They are living as concubines, the Cardinal reveals.

The socio- political situation of Cameroon was the topic on agenda during the interview . The man of God who was ordained bishop in 1980 said : “They signed nothing at Foumban. Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha (who was a former Catholic teacher) did not have the power to negotiate, because Cameroons was under the tutelage of France and England. The French who supported Ahidjo, were at the conference. But England and the United Nations who were to validate the act, were not present. There has never been a document about what happened in Foumban. People went there to drink wine. ”

The Cardinal went on to say that however he is not against reunification. He noted that with federalism, “Cameroon was well managed, development was spot on . There was a prime minister in the two parts of the country.

The Cardinal revealed that as a result of the AAC pressure from the Anglophones, Paul Biya team had promised on federalism which specified that governors should be elected . Paul Biya then went on to offer decentralisation which according to us has largely failed. The problem is that he does not want to share power. “This concentration of power at the center is the root of the crisis in the English-speaking regions .

Asked why opinions are divided on the existence of an Anglophone problem, His Eminence says : “There is an anglophone problem. The problems are physical and same across the country, but there is nuance. British Cameroons was already a country. It was managing himself, with a well organized administration, a prime minister. If decentralization had been established, there would be no problem, it would have avoided future problems in other parts of the country. ”

More on this later.

By Moh Mbwam

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