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Muyuka Militarization Instills Consternation Amongst Locals



Muyuka Militarization Instills Consternation Amongst Locals

By Mbah Godlove

Hundreds of La Republique du Cameroun’s troops in Muyuka Local Government Area have caused a state of pandemonium amongst locals.

Sources in the area say all businesses have remained shut, with streets deserted since January 1, 2020 following a deadly confrontation between the area’s brave independence fighters and the brutal forces of LRC.

The battle which resulted in the razing of the colonial Divisional Officer’s office was a prompt response to dictator Biya’s end of year speech in which he promised more military action to obliterate all Ambazonians fighters.

The new year’s Muyuka clash pushed the frustrated occupational forces to gun to death an ordinary Ambazonian biker who was returning home on Wednesday night.

Owing to the state of insecurity in the locality, inhabitants remained indoors throughout Thursday for fear of being targeted by the unruly French Cameroun’s military forces.

Muyuka is one of the areas in the southern zone that have been under the high command of Ambazonian fighters since the outbreak of the Southern Cameroon’s war of independence.

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