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Justice Ayah Paul In An Epic Article Reiterates Yahoo Boy Success Nkongho Scamming




January 3, 2020


We of the Ayah Foundation, struck by the misery and sorry plight of Ambazonians in refugee camps in Nigeria, have taken the Camerounese Government to task several times for their stinking indifference to the humanitarian disaster they had caused by declaring war!

Aside from that, it is a fact most notorious that the Camerounese Government continues to break into houses in Ambazonia and massacre innocent persons as they continue to burn down houses; with the result that many more Ambazonians are turned into refugees on a daily basis!

And true is it that, just a few days back, the Camerounese President was categorical that the war shall continue this year with no less intensity.

Would the DULLEST man in all history accept that the victims who have gone for some three years in abject sufferings would, on their own volition, volunteer to give themselves up to the very persons who so callously persecuted them? Who would imagine a situation where the very survivors of such massacres; the very survivors who saw their loved one gunned down before their own very eyes; can readily leap into the dark!

Only frauds and international criminals like Success Nkongho would identify themselves with such murderous projects. It, of course, surprises few who are familiar with the activities of that BLOODY criminal in the past.

To begin with, the abysmally low level of Nkongho’s language already clearly shows that his doctorate degree is a forgery. This writer knows him well and does so assert, possessed of the facts.

Again, as the public relations officer of JUSTICE4ALL that this writer heads, Nkongho defrauded several persons in the place, particularly Douala, extorting monies from them in the name of the association. There are living witnesses to testify.

Before these crimes, Success Nkongho had been in the international crime of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Several were girls he trafficked to Asia to their unknown fate to date. He was placed on the list of WANTED persons in Cameroun when he fled to Nigeria. The such similar things he did in Nigeria that prompted his fleeing to southern Africa do not constitute any new story to be told!

He is into the JOB again in respect of Ambazonian ‘refugees’ for two reasons. In the one place, he is in the pursuit of BLOOD money as usual. And, secondly, he imagines that the Camerounese Government can cleanse his criminal slate by his participe criminis – at the expense of the spilling of human blood!


For his level of education, criminal propensity, and blinded by his mercenary avidity, he cannot grasp the legal principle that crime against humanity is not circumscribed by time and space; and, so, whatever respite Cameroun purports to accord him is fragile and ephemeral!

Be the situation as it may, the UN and some international personalities have, in clear and direct terms, depicted the vaunted return of refugees as a MAFIA and an exercise prompted and propped up by BRIBES.

BUT how could it be put otherwise? How less a refugee is an Ambazonian in Yaounde than in the refugee camp in Nigeria? A refugee voluntarily returns HOME: NOT anywhere else!


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