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Colonial Judicial Officers Begin Abdicating their Functions in Ambazonia



Judicial Officers abdicate Ambazonia

Colonial Judicial Officers Begin Abdicating their Functions in Ambazonia

Colonial magistrates and judicial officers in Ambazonia have started abdicating their functions. Certainly, they have started feeling the heat of the revolution. It is important to note that one of the immediate causes of the current revolutionary atmosphere was the Francophonization of Ambazonian courts, where Civil Law Magistrates where fast replacing Common Law Magistrates.

The colonial French Cameroun government claims that it has fulfilled more than 90 percent of the demands of the lawyers and teachers but the facts on ground show that nothing has change. Colonial civil law trained magistrates are still fully involved in the administration of justice in Ambazonia – a Common Law jurisdiction.

The declaration of war on the people of Ambazonia by the colonial president and the response of Restoration forces has left the colonial judicial officers abdicating their functions. Badly hit appears to be the Fundong Legal Department, Boyo County, where many of the Civil Law trained French Cameroun Magistrates have abandoned their offices since June 2018 and are nowhere to be found.

In a series of recent Communique’s /radio announcement the Procureur General of the Court of Appeal in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, Magistrate Njie Albert Nganje, has been calling on Magistrate ONANA BENGONO ALAIN BERLAND – Deputy State Counsel of the Legal Department Fundong, Magistrate WOUEMENTAI MOUNDA ARMEL – Deputy State Counsel Legal Department Fundong and Magistrate KOUOTANG NENDA JOSELY – Deputy State Counsel, Legal Department Fundong among others, to return to their duty posts which they abandoned since June.

The abdication of their functions is a clear indication that Ambazonia has become too hot for these colonial agents. Since their pay masters have refused to take them away but are still calling on them to return even when they have decided to abdicate, Restoration Forces must help them to go forever and never return. Restoration forces in all counties and local governments must generate enough heat that all these colonial agents cannot bear.

The Freedom of Ambazonia is nonnegotiable. Any colonial agent who is still looking at the ongoing revolution as a joke must think again.

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