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Ambazonians Massively Boycott French Cameroun’s Youth Day Celebration

By Mbah Godlove

Ceremonial grounds chosen to host activities of the 54th edition of French Cameroun’s Youth Day
across Ambazonia have remained empty as the people observe another day of a lockdown announced by Ambazonia Forces.

Prior to the February 11 colonial Youth Day celebration, the Yaounde regime, just like during a recent dubious twin local elections had ferried in French Cameroun civilians and soldiers to take part in Tuesday’s nonevent.

Major streets across Southern Cameroons have remained desserted as inhabitants remain indoors, hoping to be freed from colonial oppression.

In Kumba, Meme County of the Southern Zone, some CPDM supporters took part in a march pass activity which lasted for barely five minutes.

Today’s huge boycott, some youth say, follows dictator Paul Biya’s empty content televised address in which he remained unrepentant towards attrocies metted on Ambazonians by his unruly soldiers.

Meantime, some historians have opined that the regime’s choice to observe February 11 as Youth Day is aimed at twisting historical facts.

To them, the day would rather have been celebrated only across Southern Cameroons given that on February 11, 1961, the people took part in a UN organised plebiscite to determine their fate since it was still a UN Trust Territory under Britain. A move which has been truncated and instead culminated into annexation

The boycott and empty stadium was the same across villages, communities in Southern Cameroons


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  1. Sunshine

    February 11, 2020 at 3:49 PM

    biya the cat in french cameroon just become a RAT/rodent in Ambazonia.

    biya is finally realizing the truth about his war on Ambazonia! biya moved from “neutralizer” in his fake youth day speech to “get out of the bushes.” His lofty two weeks war to silence Ambazonia has dragged 4 years without abating. biya is discovering he is a rodent in the mist of CATS in Ambazonia. Ambazonians have died in their numbers in their struggle to get arms but can now say they are ready to prosecute the war to the end. For the number of children, women and old men dead in Ambazonia, this war is not going to end on biya’s terms. Ambazonia will fight to the last man standing. The yaounde despot’s arrogance has blown him off in his face.

    The UN, AU, France and Britain knew since 2016 that biya was killing Ambazonians but decided to look the other way. Ambazonians know they have to fight it out alone and they are regardless of what the international corrupt community does. Ambazonians know what death is and smells after the bulu intervention rapid was rushed in to annihilate us. Ambazonians have tested it and know how to handle it now. WE WILL STAY AT IT until biya is rooted out of Southern Cameroun – THE ONLY WAY OUT OF biya’s WAR IN AMBAZONIA!

  2. Sunshine

    February 14, 2020 at 10:04 PM


    Kamto had declared he will never accept Southern Cameroon to become Independent an independent country.

    Kamto wants the UN to believe that Southern Cameroon never got her independence in 1961.

    Like Ahidjo, Biya, is Kamto. He is working hard to continue the colonization of Ambazonia. We Ambazonians must resist until french cameroun gets out of Ambazonia.

    Southern Cameroon should Have Nothing to do with Kamto because he cannot be trusted.

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