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Ghost Town Remix in Ambazonia as Colonial Mayor Sets Municipality on Fire & Disappears




Ghost Town Remix in Ambazonia as Colonial Mayor Sets Municipality on Fire & Disappears

Restoration forces across Ambazonia and especially in the capital Buea, on Monday proved to the colonial government and especially the colonial administration in Buea that gone are the days when they use to have control over the Ambazonian people by moving around on ghost town days and sealing shops and other business premises that respected the revolutionary course.

At the beginning of the Ambazonian revolution, operation ghost towns days were usually very serene and quiet as the people, at the request of the revolutionary leadership, voluntarily shutdown all businesses, deserted the streets and stayed in their homes. It was the most peaceful means of protest against the colonial regime that has refused for the past two years to yield to the demands of the Ambazonian people.

Angered and frustrated by the weekly boycotts, the colonial administrators decided to infringe on the rights of people to peaceful protest, by using repressive measures on those who decided to join boycotts. Such measures include among others; the sealing of shops found locked on ghost town days and the introduction of other counter measures like the acquisition of municipal taxis among others.

A good example of such colonial administrators has been the provocative colonial mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema, who for these years has remained defiant to the objectives of the revolution and will of the majority Ambazonian. He has repeatedly boasted that he was in charge of Buea by sealing off shops of citizens that were not opened on Ghost down days, and only unsealed them after the payment of exorbitant amounts.

However, if the events of Monday July 9, are anything to go by, then it must be said that the entry of restoration forces into the cities is a clear message to the colonialists and their agents that it is no longer business as usual. Since they have decided to repress a peaceful revolution with force, they should be ready for a counter force.

And so, after the provocative utterances of the colonial Mayor that he, as the custodian of the economic life of Buea had not declared any ghost town, the stage was set for a battle on the said ghost town day (which was yesterday Monday July 9, 2018). Colonial forces on Sunday, had even gone about distributing flyers announcing that there was not going to be any ghost town on Sunday.

On Monday, the usual ghost town days, the colonial Mayor who had boasted that he was going to supervise the anti-ghost town activities, was nowhere to be found. He had set the town ablaze and disappeared to an unknown destination. He was spotted at the airport boarding a flight to an unknown destination.

While on the ground, the town was dead silent. Restoration forces who moved around to enforced the ghost clashed heavily with the colonial forces in Muea, Mile 18, 17, 16 and the Molyko neighbourhoods. By the end of the day, 7 colonial forces were reported neutralized by restoration forces and 2 civilians shot dead by the frustrated colonialists. The Mondial Bus Agency, that has been noted for not respecting ghost towns had be pay the price with four of its buses.

In Kumba, a clash between restoration forces and colonial terrorists left 2 colonial terrorists neutralized and four citizens shot by the colonial terrorist. The frustration and desperation of not being able to target any of the “Amba boys” let the colonialists to frameup the innocent citizens killed. They decided to place den guns on their dead bodies as evidence to the fact that they were shot in arms. Unfortunately for them, a lie can only travel a very shot distance before the truth is uncovered.

In Bamenda, restoration forces, went out in Bambui, ensuring that the ghost town was strictly enforced. Even the clash with colonial terrorist forces did not stop their determination to enforced the boycotts.

With the events of yesterday across Ambazonia, it is evidently clear that Mondays are no longer days to play with. As the revolution takes another dimension in the days ahead, Ambazonians should all inform their love ones in the homeland to be watchful of their movements, so as to stay away from the provocation and indiscriminate shooting by colonial forces. The revolution is reaching its climax and the end point is nothing else but freedom for Ambazonia.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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