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Yaoundé Falls Short of Colonial Soldiers, Deploys Presidential Snipers to Ambazonia









Yaoundé Falls Shot of Colonial Soldiers, Deploys Presidential Snipers to Ambazonia

The Ambazonian Capital of Buea woke up today Tuesday 10th July, 2018 to another panic mood after yesterday’s 9th July, 2018 fierce clash between colonial terrorist forces and Ambazonian restoration forces. A clash that left 7 terrorist soldiers and two civilians dead and a female colonial agent wounded. As early as 8 AM today, all private and commercial vehicles could be seen running from the Albert Mukong Avenue back into the city.

BaretaNews inquiries revealed that shooting between colonial and restoration forces resumed around the Miles 16 and 18 neighborhoods at that early hours of the morning, causing the people to flee. As BaretaNews stringers tried to make further inquiries, around the Albert Mukong Avenue, a Hilux loaded with a new set of colonial terrorist forces never seen before in town, came in heavily armed.

They were identified as officers of the Presidential guard from the colonial presidency in Yaoundé, who often go to clear the way for the colonial president to visit an area. During such occasions, they are often seen standing on tall building monitoring the surrounding environments against any security bridges.

The colonial regime appears to have gone short of soldiers in Ambazonia and have resorted to bringing in presidential snipers. It is not clear however whether this new set has been sent to guide colonial agents, watch over the city from tall buildings or to go face Amba warriors in the battle field.

It is important to state that all the different units of colonial forces trained by La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) have served in Ambazonia and have all met their waterloo. They have often turned their frustration to innocent villages, killing, burning down and looting villages.

After empty boasts and assurances of security against ghost town in Buea yesterday, the colonial administration and its agents were bigly disgraced by the people and restoration forces. The introduction of snipers into the Buea game is a sign that the colonial regime is ready to kill more citizens in an attempt to reassert its loose grip and authority over the town.

Will they be able to defeat the people and achieve their goal? The coming days and weeks shall therefore tell. In the main time, Ambazonians must start reaching out to their love ones within the Capital city of Buea to begin taking serious precautionary measures to avoid being caught in confusion and unaware.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst


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  1. Bonie

    July 10, 2018 at 10:42 PM

    The colonial french Cameroon is fighting a battle they will never win,patriotic Ambazonians on ground zero and the diasporas will fight till the last man,our fore fathers tried and failed,we promised them when we grew up we shall fight to win,defeat biya and his french regime,drive them out of our land,we will not fail them this time, no Ambazonians republic no french Cameroon, biya can deploy all the french army,french African mercenary forces from Chad, central Africa,the will of the SCs who own the land will conquer!biyas war continue to thy kingdom come!

    • Jojo

      July 11, 2018 at 4:40 AM

      My dear @Bonie what kind of fight are you talking about? Keep on dancing and comparing your banga smokers to the national army. When the government would start using strong responses such as bombardment I hope you will still have mouth to talk. Biafras said the same and where are they today? I was told God is only with you and that you guys are invincible, here is general Ivo today? Noises people.

  2. Shillah

    July 10, 2018 at 10:51 PM

    Really baraliar, why don’t u talk abt the 11 terrorists killed yesterday including “general ivo wata I don’t pass gari” u guys propaganda will not work. Give accurate nr of terrorists ambafool dead during the pass 2 day. I have proof of general ivo dead body n l challenge anyone who doubt to veryfie on the ground.

  3. Sunshine

    July 11, 2018 at 1:01 AM

    Hello Shillah,

    You are happy to see Abazonian self-defense young people killed by your bir. These are poor people defending themselves from an oppressive government that has recolonized them for over 56 years. If you were in your right senses, you will pity Ambazonians. Biya declared his dirty war because of his arrogance and pride…the argument of force. His foolish pride will eventually bring him and all his supporters to the end.
    General Ivo might have been killed by the bir, but we cherish him for giving his life to stop the senseless killing by the bir. General Ivo will NEVER be forgotten. He lives in our hearts and we will stay the course and bring this to the end while respecting our francophone brothers and sisters who have stood with us to condemn biya’s terror on Ambazonia. God will keep us strong to resist biya’s criminality in Ambazonia!!! God bless the people of Ambazonia and our francophone friends.

    • Wounded Man

      July 11, 2018 at 6:39 AM

      What is this one talking about? Abazonian self-defense? Ambazonian Banga Smokers you meant?

      When you decapitate Cameroonians, the world in pretty fine, but when the same is done to you it becomes a massacre. Bunch of crazy fools.

      Field marshal is next on the list. Fear would soon be swapping sides. Go ahead and supply field marshal and Co. with banga, one can never be high 24/7.

      Snipers are the real answers to such follies. Your so-called Abazonian self-defense would soon be tasting their own medicine, but coming from the sky this time around.

      Fasten your seat-belts, Ekema is coming with his militia, armed to the tooth, drugged to the marrow. You surely thought you have monopoly on drugging youths to do your dirty job, Ekema/Nji’s boyz are going to make you guys drink real water na water soon, even abroad. Hiding would soon be a thing of the past.

      All was set to kick out Biya come 2018, but you crazy guys have prolonged the sufferings of Anglos/Francos.


      • George

        July 11, 2018 at 9:54 AM

        Hahaha. Don’t redicule yourself French slave.

        • Wounded Man

          July 11, 2018 at 1:22 PM


          I better be a slave, even in Paradise, than drug child soldiers and ferry them to the gas chamber.

  4. George

    July 11, 2018 at 9:58 AM

    Like Hon. Joseph Wirba said you have to kill until the last man standing. LRC can kill as many restoration fighters but the will not win that war. Start negotiations.

  5. Mua Isaac

    July 11, 2018 at 3:31 PM

    After killing general Ivo as you say. Have the war stopped?
    Where in the world have you seen or heard someone come out to say while fighting with an enemy, his men were killed in great number?
    Have the satanic regime ever accepted that they had heavy casualty?

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USA Breitbart News Network Calls Out Cameroon’s 85-Year-Old President 7th Term Run As Massacres Grow






Cameroon’s 85-Year-Old President Wants a 7th Term as Massacres Grow

Breitbart News Network  is a far-right syndicated American news, opinion and commentary news founded in mid-2007 by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart. It is widely read in America with over 45 million monthly readers. It forms one of those tabloits that elected President Donald Trump and it is daily read by Trump himself. In this richly written article, Breibart did ,not shy away from calling out the so-called Anglophone Cameroon by its real name as Southern Cameroons, it also shames and mocks Mr. Biya 7th term run for office as massacres grows in the Cameroons. BaretaNews brings you the article in full. Read on


The U.S. State Department on Monday condemned the release of a video appearing to show soldiers in Cameroon killing a woman and infant, among others.  As President Paul Biya, 85, prepares to run for a seventh term as president, foreign governments and human rights organizations are increasingly sounding the alarm on growing violence between French and English speakers in the country.
Biya announced that he would seek a seventh term as president on Friday, having clocked 36 years as the nation’s head of state in which most of the country, but not those in government, have experienced a significant economic decline. Should Biya win the election, he will be 92 years old by the time his latest term ends. Another significant issue with Biya’s rule is that he does not live in Cameroon for much of the year, preferring Switzerland to his own country. The New York Times noted this week that Biya has spent 4.5 of his 36 years in office abroad, even though his country faces major economic challenges, regular terrorist attacks on the part of neighboring Nigeria’s Boko Haram, and growing strife between francophone and anglophone Cameroonians.

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Joint Commanders of Restoration Forces Issue Ultimatum to Ambazonian MPs in La Republique du Cameroun



Restoration Forces

Joint Commanders of Restoration Forces Issue Ultimatum to Ambazonian MPs in La Republique du Cameroun

BaretaNews has now confirmed a Joint declaration by commanders of Ambazonian Restoration forces in the homeland, requesting Ambazonian Members of Parliament (MPs) represented in the National Assembly of La Republique du Cameroun to resign and walk out of the foreign parliament. The declaration which was done in Kumba, economic headquarters of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia on July 14, 2018, gives the MPs an ultimatum of seven days to quit the colonial assembly and wait for when they’ll be requested to reconvene in Buea.

BaretaNews has been able to talk with 8 commanders on the ground and 5 confirmed being aware of and were part of those who came out with the declaration/ultimatum. 3 others however noted that, they weren’t part of those who signed the declaration but they however agree and abide with the content, as it seek to foster the revolution and save the lives of the Ambazonian people.

According to the commanders, the blood of innocent Ambazonian citizens cannot continue to flow on the streets of Ambazonia, while the so-called MPs, who claim to be the people’s representatives sit and watch without any major action. Worst among these MPs are those of the CPDM who have completely sold their consciences and have deliberately sealed their mouths. They are therefore called upon to hold themselves responsible for whatever befalls them after the expiration of the ultimatum.

A group of these colonial MPs such as Honorable Joseph Mbah Ndam, Hon. Fusi Namukong, Hon. Joseph Wirba among many others had last year made public statements to the effect that they were resigning or pulling out from the colonial parliament. Among these group of MPs, only the fire spitting Hon. Wirba meant what he said, as he has not been seen anywhere around the colonial parliament ever since his declaration.

The others had since returned to the Yaoundé glass house, making many failed attempts to get the conflict discussed in the lawmaking chamber. Their voices have been deliberately ignored for the past two years. While the US Congress, the Nigerian, German, British and even the EU Parliaments have all discussed the conflict and requested for an inclusive dialogue on the root causes of the conflict, the matter has remained a taboo subject in the occupier’s house of assembly.

On the September 22, 2017 and October 1, 2017, the Ambazonian people went out with peace plants requesting for their rights and pleading with these MPs to learn from history and walk out of the colonial assembly in order to shortened the revolution. Unfortunately, the people were deceived by these MPs.

At this juncture where the colonial regime has unleased its war machinery at the people, maiming and killing innocent civilians, it has become more than expedient for these MPs to leave the colonial institution or face the anger of the people, whom they claim to represent. Like the Joint Commanders declared, it is now an issue of BLOOD and IRON. No individual shall be allowed again to legitimize this act of colonialism and toil with the lives and destinies of more than 8 million Ambalanders.


Below is the full version of the declaration.

Declaration of the Joint Commanders of all Ambazonia Liberation Forces to MPs & Senators of our Land

We, Commanders of all units of liberation forces affiliated to all Ambazonian organizations in this Southern Cameroons struggle, have this July 14 2018 solemnly made this declaration and we want all those concerned to take note that until all of us are killed, we shall implement this engagement, so please take us seriously as take the public as witness that we warned you before acting.

Everyone has seen that for almost two years today, some people who call themselves our elected representatives have failed to listen to us who they claim elected them to Parliament and to the Senate. We therefore understand that truly they were never meant to represent us, that only Paul Biya, their families and their stomachs matter to them.

We also want to observe, that on the 22 of September 2017, some of them took us for their fools by claiming they were resigning and afterwards, we saw them dancing in Parliament to earn their salaries. Of course, they can all agree with us today that the Parliament of Pa Paul Biya can never discuss our problem. That is why we have come to the decision below.

All Parliamentarians and Senators that hail from Ambazonia have exactly 7 days from this July 14, 2018 to present their official resignation letters to the press and everywhere else and then wait for an official program to convene in Buea to start the Ambazonian House of Assembly under our protection. Beyond this date, anyone who would not have complied WILL be considered an armed terrorist soldier of LRC and shall be dealt with the way we have been dealing with them. No political party is exempted and this decision shall not be appealed. We simply pray that these greedy people do not tempt us, else what the terrorist BIR of Yaounde did to one family in Widikum will befall them. The time for games is over. Now is the time for BLOOD AND IRON to determine the course of our struggle.

We are reiterating that after July 21, no one should blame us for what will happen.

It is our wish that all will comply and on time. Meantime, we urge the following women: Emma Lafon, Regina Mundi, Monjoa Lifaka, Agnes Ntube, Ngala Esther and Meyali Meboka who we believe know the pains of child birth, but who have been quiet as our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered to take the lead, else no one in their lineage WILL EVER LIVE to say what would have happened to them.

We have spoken and so shall it be.

Done in Kumba on the 14 July 2018.

The Joint Commanders of Ambazonia Liberation Forces.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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Continuous Targeted Killings in Southern Cameroons Under the Silent Watch of those that Matter



Targeted Killings

Continuous Targeted Killings in Southern Cameroons Under the Silent Watch of those that Matter

The targeted killing of young men, women and children in Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia by the terrorist colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun have intensified in the last week with the ruthless massacre of 15 Ambazonians in Tiben, Batibo, a brother to the Fon of Mbiame in Bui and five students of the University of Bamenda, all in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, making a total of at least 21 executions within the just ended week.

At least, 28 innocent Ambazonians were also shot in Kumba, Bombey (along the road the Buea-Kumba road), Muyuka, and Muea by the terrorist forces from Yaoundé. Almost 20 elderly people sustained gun shot injuries. Just early this morning of Sunday July 15, 2018 the terrorist forces were firing into homes beside the road in Mile 16 Buea, targeting civilians in their sleep.

All these massacres are taking place under the silent watch of all those who matter at the international scene, and at a time the colonial terrorist claims to be preparing a so-called humanitarian plan for the affected people of Ambazonia. In trying to defend its massacre of innocent civilians, the colonial terrorist claimed they were responding to attacks from Ambazonian restoration forces.

They boasted to have neutralize 6 of the Ambazonian restoration forces but all evidences point to the fact that these were innocent citizens, some of whom were shot right in front of and inside their own houses. In some cases, locally made guns were placed on the executed bodies to take pictures as prove. The specific case of a mentally deranged young man executed in Kumba and his corpse framed up with a den gun is conspicuous.

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) headed by Barrister Dr. Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, confirmed these massacres with a detailed report on the cases in Batibo and the University of Bamenda. According to the CHRDA report, the terrorist soldiers of La Republique got news that there was a training camp of the Restoration forces in Tiben village of Batibo Sub Division and they targeted the locality with the aim of eliminating members of the camp.

“They entered the village at about 7a.m. on Thursday morning while the villagers were preparing to go and sell their goods and merchandise at the Widikum weekly market, a neighboring locality to Tiben ​. Failing to meet the ADF, they started shooting sporadically in the air causing panic and fear in the villagers. In the midst of the commotion, some of the villagers escaped to the bush. A notable and shocking scenario was the killing of a teacher Mr. Tebit Evans Chick ​ and 7 members of his family.” A section of the report said.

The 15 massacred include 7 men, 5 women and 3 children (all girls), while one of the victims identified as Mrs Abang Mary was severely injured.

On the execution of five students of the University of Bamenda, CHRDA investigations revealed that:

“…on Wednesday night when the students were in their hostels. Neighbors, students, also say that night; they saw military men ordering students to come out of their hostels (The name of the hostel gotten was Elisam Hostel situated around the police station) which they did. They were asked to first present their identity cards, which they did. Later ordered to sit on the floor and later on asked to stand and walk towards the soldiers who out rightly hot and killed these students (execution style). Early the next morning, they went to see what had happen, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find their fellow mates at the hostel.”

“That morning, it was discovered at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda that five (5) bodies (all young men) were brought in the hospital without any identification. Parents of BILLY KARI, one of the victims, were contacted by the students of the hostel on the happenings of yesternight. The parents came and searched for him everywhere, they went to the police station but on getting there, were told to go look for him in the mortuary. On getting to the hospital, there discovered and identified that one of the bodies brought to the hospital without any identification is their son- Billy Karri, a student studying Urban Planning, in the University of Bamenda.”

Despite the fact that the truth about these massacres is already in the national and international media, the colonial terrorist regime has not stopped in its diabolical plans to hide their crimes. They have resorted to forcing the families of the massacred victims at gun point to sign undertakings at the mortuaries, stating that their family members were killed by Ambazonian restoration forces.

BaretaNews continues to call on the global community and those responsible for the prevention of this ongoing genocide to sit up to their responsibilities. The conspiracy of silence is proving to be testimony of compliance to these targeted killings and it is high time men and women of good conscience in the world rose up to their responsibilities and stop this carnage.

Ambazonians continue to state that the colonial terrorist regime doesn’t have the monopoly of violence. The people have already been pushed to the wall enough. In the past months, they have through the Ambazonia Restoration forces been defending themselves against all odds. However, the continuous silence of the world is forcing the people to go beyond just defending themselves but also going on the offensive.

Enough is Enough. The bloody regime can never succeed in using force to continuously enslave Ambazonians after 57 years. Never again, not with this revolutionary enlightened generation. The people have chosen to fight till the last man standing.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.


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