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Economic Sabotage: Restoration Forces Shutdown Penda Mboko Rubber Estate



Rubber estate








Restoration Forces Shutdown Penda mboko Rubber Estate

BaretaNews has received notes from Penda Mboko that workers of the Penda Mboko Rubber Estate, under the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) have been stopped from going to work. It is reported that the workers went for assemble this early morning Wednesday July 11, to be ferried to the fields in the workers’ vans, but were asked to return home and wait until further notice.

Restoration forces are said to have stormed the area last night where by all the field managers were summoned and given stern warnings. Restoration forces told the managers that they shall be held responsible if any worker is caught on the field working.

“Our managers have stopped us from coming to work again until further notice, this morning we went for morning assembly and we were told Amba boys visited them last night and promised them hell if any worker is seen again in the rubber farm or factory. For their own security, they have suspended work, while waiting to hear from the head office in limbe” reports our source

It is important to state that Pendamboko is located in Mungo Division of La Republique du Cameroon (LRC). It takes just about 30 minutes to get there from Muyuka in Ambazonia, through a ferry or a Canoe across the River Mungo.

Part of the territory under the Mungo Division belongs to Ambazonia following the new mapped out boundary line between LRC and Ambazonia by the United Nations.

Restoration forces have vowed to ground the economy of Ambazonia and by extension, that of LRC to cripple the colonial government.

BaretaNews is advising all Ambazonians serving with the CDC rubber, Banana and palm plantations to start looking for temporary alternative means of income. They should consider going into agriculture and other economic activities in the main time while waiting for the normalization of things. For now, they must consider all what is happening as temporary suffering for better working conditions and pay in a future Ambazonia Development Corporation (ADC).

James Agbor

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  1. Bonie

    July 11, 2018 at 9:01 AM

    Congratulations to the restoration forces!water na water!they must do the same in every colonial hold in Ambazonia,Victoria sonara must be brought down to a stand still by force to show biya that business cannot be as usual in Ambazonia while Yaounde pretend the country is normal and his terrorists forces continue to kill,abduct, torture and burn down villages in Ambazonia,restoration forces must also burn down that traitor worthless lrc flags in CDC and other areas, take down all colonial world limited stupid french language sign posts in Ambazonia to be replace by dominant world successful business English language

  2. Mbeuh

    July 11, 2018 at 11:24 AM

    Unfolding events in the the last few days are indications of Ambazonian resolve to push over from a previous push back strategy, thereby advancing the march to Buea in the shortest possible time. Again congratulations to Ground Zero forces and the diaspora who must unite in full support of this liberation struggle. 57 years of slavery is too long.

  3. Saa

    July 11, 2018 at 6:35 PM



    • Shillah

      July 12, 2018 at 6:10 AM

      Who will suffer listen to stupids ambazozo. It’s ur own who r paying the price

      • Mbeuh

        July 12, 2018 at 7:06 AM

        In life nothing good comes easy. No pain no gain.

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Stubborn Ekema Once Again Threatens Buea Business Community, Provokes Another Instability







The stubborn Mayor of Buea Municipality has issued another communique threatening the Buea business community that their business places shall be sealed if they listen to any Ghost town calls from those he termed “certain individuals”. This call reminds the people of his boastful supervision of Ghost towns in Buea wherein he was no where to be found leading to heavy casualties on the sides of La Republique Du Cameroun military. This call is coming at a time ghost town fever has gripped the entire Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia. Is Ekema and Cameroun military trying to set a trap for Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces to visit Buea on Monday again? Is it that he hates when Denizens in Buea are without gun shots? The future is pregnant.

Ekema’s Letter

It should be recalled that just two weeks ago Patrick Ekema caused the death of 6 policemen in Buea Municipality when he ran his mouth over many TV stations, print media insinuating that Ghost towns in his municipality must come to a halt. As a result, Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces were out visiting Buea to make sure no one listens to the Mayor. As a result of this provocation, a gun battle between Restoration forces and La Republique Du Cameroun military led to the death of 6 police officers. Popular opinions hold that like other areas, should the mayor not provoked the restoration forces with his claims, ghost towns should have been observed with all serenity. Political commentators now think that Mayor Ekema is deliberately causing instability in Buea.

Worthy of note is that Ghost towns have been running for almost two years now. It’s the people’s civil disobedience day wherein all shops, businesses and transports remain shut down across the entire Southern Cameroons. Will the people of Buea listen to Mayor Ekema this time around? Monday 23rd July shall speak for itself. As for this platform, we continue to call on every Southern Cameroonians to observe this day.

Mark Bareta

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The Murder of Felix Ngang: The Thieves Spoke French








The Murder of Felix Ngang: The Thieves Spoke French


Southern Cameroonians got up this morning today July, 18 2018 very shocked of the passing away of Felix Ngang, proprietor Of Miss Bright Hotel Buea. He passed on last night after he was visited and attacked by thieves.

Eyewitness reports have that Mr. Felix Ngang, proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel was never shot. He was attacked by thieves who spoke entirely in French. They hit him on the neck, signs show. An attempt to jump through a back widow on the balcony of the first floor, he poorly fell and injured his head. Denizens rushed him to the hospital where he gave up the ghost as a result of internal bleeding.

Though BaretaNews cannot still independently verify this as this is still a developing story, however, this is what most Denizens in Bomaka, a local government area in Fako County are saying according to multiple reports.

It should be noted that Mr. Felix who is originally from Mandenkwe in the Northern zone is a bonafide Soppo boy married to a queen from the Manyu County who is presently in the United States due birth of their new baby. Mr. Felix had won the contract to build Kumba University and was supposed to be flying to the states in few days time to meet his wife and family.

The thieves who had a mission had cut his life short. There is more to this that meets the eyes. We continue to ask God to receive his soul and give his killers no rest until justice is done.

Mark Bareta

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Malian Government, Amnesty Int’l Isolate LRC Over Military Extrajudicial Killings



Extrajudicial killings

The Malian Government has issued a press release debunking attribution of an arbitrary execution attributed to its army, Forces Armées Maliennes, (FAMAs) portrayed in a video that has gone viral online.
The Statement debunking the video was issued on Saturday July 12, following a massive outrage from human rights organisations operating in the country and the international community. The video depicts hooded women with children on their backs being executed by members of a regular military force.

The action which was described as horrendous is attributed to the military of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) fighting Boko Haram in the Far North. LRC’s Communication Minister and Government Spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary had refuted allegations, attributing it to the Sahelian country.
Reacting to the gruesome killings, Malian authorities point out that it “is the same footage which has sparked a heated debate in a Central African country attributing these deeds to Mali’s Armed Forces,” while stating that it is a ploy to soil the image of their nation and destabilise internal activities within their territory.

LRC Carried-out the Extrajudicial Killings Amnesty Int’l

Meantime, the human rights non-governmental organisation, Amnesty International, AI, has said credible evidence shows that the LRC military personnel is responsible for the shocking extrajudicial executions caught on video in the Far North
An investigation by their experts, according to them, gathered credible evidence that it was LRC soldiers in the video carrying out the horrific extrajudicial execution of two women and two young children.
Extensive analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms that feature on the video, according to AI, paired with digital verification techniques and testimonies taken from the ground, all strongly suggest that the perpetrators of the executions are LRC soldiers.
“The Camerounian authorities’ initial claim that this shocking video is fake simply doesn’t stand up for scrutiny. We can provide credible evidence to the contrary. Given the gravity of these horrific acts-the cold-blooded and calculated slaughter of women and young children – these hasty and dismissive denials cast serious doubt
over whether any investigation will be genuine,”said Samira Daoud, Deputy Director of AI, West African Office.
The video, according to AI, shows the soldiers using Galil and Kalashnikov-style
“While AK-type weapons are common, the Galil, the weapon specifically used in the execution, is comparatively rare and distinctive. The Small Arms Survey lists the Galil as only ‘occasional’ in sub-Saharan Africa among Governments, and as unknown among State actors. The only force in the area carrying Galils are a small subset of the Cameroon Army,” the report stated.
The master corporal’s uniform, to AI, is a tiger stripe pattern that is standard among LRC regular army.
“The other soldiers are wearing black shirts and green-and-black woodland pants. While the Ministry of Communication claims that the mixed and causal nature of the uniforms indicates a lack of authenticity. AI investigators have found the opposite. Mixed and partial uniforms are common among personnel, especially in remote areas where this incident took place. Soldiers in the Far North Region wearing casual flip-flops and T-shirts as
well as mix of tiger stripe print and woodland print can be clearly seen in the videos,” AI’s report explained.
Before AI’s report, the Minister of Communication, Tchiroma, had organised a press conference debunking the
video as fake.
“In this vein of overt conspiracy, the video that is currently going around is nothing but an unfortunate attempt to
distort actual facts and intoxicate the public. Its sincerity can be easily questioned, with regard to the factual elements contained in this horrible trick play, with voices coarsely affixed to visual sequences,” he said.
The video, according to Tchiroma, is another instance of gross misinformation whereby the alleged facts have nothing to do with the work of the Defense and Security Forces within the framework of the missions entrusted to them. AI, however, at the end of its report, said it is imperative that a proper impartial investigation is undertaken and those responsible for these abhorrent acts are brought to justice.

It should be noted that, such extrajudicial killings have become some sort of normalcy in Ambazonia, as LRC military maim, kill, and burn people’s property almost on daily basis. Unfortunately, the world continue to remain mute, amidst the huge atrocities LRC continue to commit in Ambazonia. Pundits hope that with this new evidence of LRC soldiers caught on camera carrying out such barbaric acts, the international community will input financial and economic sanction on LRC.

Watch full video below:

Cameroon military extrajudicial execution of women and children. Most horrendous act to watch. – YouTube


By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – Baretanews

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