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US Court Rules In Favor of Ambazonia’ Independence Campaign



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US Court Rules In Favor of Ambazonia’ Independence Campaign
California, USA (January 28, 2020)—A Federal California Court, in a final ruling on Tuesday cleared the way for Ambazonia’s independence by dismissing all international terrorism claims against Ambazonia’s Tapang Ivo Tanku and ordering the plaintiff, Cameroun, to immediately pay the defendant $5,567.25 within 60 days.

After reviewing 561 pages of the plaintiff’s terrorism-related evidence against the Ambazonia Defense Forces spokesman Tapang Ivo Tanku, the presiding United States Magistrate Judge, Nathanael M. Cousins, found that all claims were “highly frivolous,” and that the Cameroun-trained attorney Nsahlai Emmanuel had a “bad faith” against Ambazonia’s independence struggle.

“The Court finds that Mr. Nsahlai exhibited subjective bad faith in his refusal to participate in discovery while expending both the defendant’s and the Court’s time by prolonging the litigation—through, for instance, filing a third temporary restraining order—rather than voluntarily dismissing the case,” citing the final ruling.

The judge’s ruling further exposes the quack Cameroun attorney, Nsahlai Emmanuel, to more severe sanctions by the California bar if he cannot pay Tapang Ivo Tanku within 60 days. “The Court awards the defendant a total of $5,567.25 in fees representing the time spent working on discovery motions beginning September 1, 2019.”

Here the US Judge: Plaintiffs’ counsel, Emmanuel Nsahlai, so unreasonably multiplied the proceedings in this case that it is appropriate for him “to satisfy personally the excess costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees reasonably incurred because of such conduct.”

In December 2019, quack lawyer Nsahlai—coincidentally, an African name meaning a case-loser—was ordered by Judge Nathanael Cousins to unconditionally reveal the names of his so-called pseudo plaintiffs. Sensing that he could be debarred following an Order to Show Cause in November 2019, Nshalai Emmanuel quickly opted to dismiss the case he initially brought before the same court.

The court, however, denied Nshalai’s request and ordered that Tapang’s counsel, Curtis Edmonson, propose any form of sanctions against such a quack legal practice. IP attorney Curtis Edmonson is one of America’s finest attorneys in litigation, licensed in over 10 states, and also holds another Masters’ Degree in Electrical Engineering.

“Putting Curtis Edmonson vs Emmanuel Nshalai in the ring is like putting an elephant vs a rant. Nsahlai is a quack, to begin with,” says Ngong Wilson, an Ambazonian citizen resident in the USA.

No one can stop Ambazonia’s independence quest, Judge Cousins said in court, arguing that the rights to purchase guns and bullets protected in the US second amendment rights. There is no crime self-defense, he says, ordering that self-defense is not terrorism. The Cameroun-hired lawyer intended to use the court judgment in blocking all channels of material support to Ambazonia’s homeland defense against Cameroun military terrorists.

Three attempts to temporarily restrain Tapang in the USA were all denied by the court. “You cannot use the US court to chase the political enemies of dictator Paul Biya and his decades-old regime,” Nsahlai was told in the face. “This case lack merits on all fronts. It appears to be a political tool of the Cameroon government.”

While investigating quack attorney Nsahlai, Tapang’s reputable attorney Curtis Edmondson found that the quack Cameroun lawyer was kicked out of his office two years ago, although he still illegally maintains the former address. “He is an attorney without an office.”

Speaking to Tapang Ivo Tanku on a phone line, he told this agency he dedicates the awarded cost of $5,567.25 for the purchase of guns and bullets for Ambazonia soldiers defending women and children, adding that one gun would be baptized “Nsahlai gun.” They should use the guns only against Cameroun military terrorists, Tapang cautions.

“This is not a Tapang victory. It is an Ambazonia victory against Cameroun. This is the first international case Ambazonia has won in the USA against Cameroun. It legitimizes Ambazonia and its people. It would be referenced in future litigations by other countries. Everyone who once feared to donate for self-defense can now legally do so.”

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