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Increasing Massacres in the Southern Cameroons & the Ghosted CPDM Political Campaigns.



Increasing Massacres in the Southern Cameroons & the Ghosted CPDM Political Campaigns.

The intensification of the scorch earth policy and the massacre of innocent Southern Cameroonians as an election enforcement strategy by the rampaging baby-killing machine from Yaounde can no longer be stomached by any true conscientious citizen of the world. It’s time for men and women of good conscience in the Cameroons, Africa, and the world to rise up and call for an immediate end to this bloody madness by the Biya’s regime. It’s time to tell these bloodthirsty cultists in the name of a government in Yaoundé that enough is enough.

If there are still truly men and women of good conscience in the international arena, this is the time for them to act and decisively too against this baby killing regime. It’s time for members of the sleeping United Nation Office for the Prevention of Genocide to rise up to their responsibilities and stop this old limping Yaoundé kleptomaniac from erasing an entire generation of a peaceful people of the Southern Cameroons. These are people who have done nothing wrong but to simply ask for what truly belongs to them. It’s time for the United States of America and the President Trump Administration to take a more decisive action against this inhuman Octogenarian regime to stop it from further erasing a minority recognized and protected by international law.

Yesterday, 28th January 2020, while visiting Bamenda, this writer watched with amazement how a hand full of Yaoundé based CPDM regime witches and wizards were crammed in three Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and escorted by terrorists regime forces in six military Hiluxs. Prominent amongst them, was an Albino turned white-woman who looked visibly tensed and afraid for her life after having been away from her constituency for more than three years today . But she had no choice than to make the risky political campaign venture in order to be in the good books of the bloody Yaounde cabal. Their destination was the gun smoking Kumbo, Bui Division, in the so called North West Region of the Cameroons. Their mission was the launched of CPDM political campaigns for the ALREADY FAILED February 9th municipal and legislative elections, which the regime is desperately seeking to impose in Ambazonia as a legitimization tool of her grip over the Ambazonian territory.

By 6pm when the largely military campaign convoy was returning from Bui, videos footages and pictures of roasted innocent human bodies and houses began emerging on social media Platforms, identified as obviously coming from Mbiame, same Division which the military backed political campaign delegation had visited. It would appear that, while part of the military campaign delegation was busy conscripting some Kumbo locals to form a political crowd for state propaganda Crtv Cameras, another of the bloody Yaoundé terrorists went on a burning and massacre mission in Mbiame, another Bui community in order to hunt for local human meat for post political campaigns entertainment. And that’s exactly what happened. The gruesome pictures and video footages of roasted bodies on social media being buried by the population and the burned down houses from the said community speak for themselves.

Conspicuous amongst the blood soaked scanty CPDM delegation was Dr. Asheri Kilo, an artificial white woman from Nso land and leader of the regime’s campaign delegation to Bui Division. Madam Asheri Kilo, if you’re reading me, permit me to ask you these few questions:

Where is your conscience as a mother? Do you have a child? Have you ever felt the pains of child birth? Why have you decided to roast and ruined your own people to impose an election that will not even hold? I say it without fear of contradiction that you supervised the roasting of your own people yesterday in Mbiame as a bloody political sacrifice. I guess you have taken some of the roasted meat as your breakfast in Ayaba Hotel this morning before heading back to your infamous Yaoundé.

It’s important to note that yesterday’s massacres in Bui, came barely two weeks after the ruthless killing of at least 13 villagers and farmers in some communities in Kupe Manenguba, in the Southern region of Ambazonia. Bekora in Ndian and Mbonge in Meme counties have not been left out of the killing spree. Bali and Pinyin, all in Mezam county are also still to recover from the same massacres. It’s like the hidden aim of these senseless intensified massacres has been to water the ground with the blood of innocent masses for the regime ‘s political campaigns which were launched last weekend in heavily guarded scanty community Halls and public spaces in Ambazonia. A launching that saw more military men in attendance than actual voters.

As the defenseless masses look up to God and the world for help and rescue, we can only pray for the GOD OF HEAVEN to JUDGE the rogue Yaoundé regime and it’s accomplices accordingly. It’s just a matter of time and the BLOOD of these innocent citizens WILL SPEAK BETTER THINGS than the blood of the pharaoh Paul Biya.

To all the other Southern Cameroons sellouts and enablers within and without the bloody regime who have decided to be quiet or facilitate these massacres of their own people, we just hope that they shall never be returned to their communities. No amount of money shall be able to buy their readmittance into their villages and communities after this war. The bleeding communities have the responsibility to ensure that these facilitators of genocide are all buried in the crowed semetries of Douala and Yaoundé where they have chosen to belong.

James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst

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