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Bareta Shames French Cameroun Social Media Babies, Calls On Ambalanders To Report All Fake Accounts




By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian strong man, Mark Bareta has distanced himself from a message circulating on social media in his name that schools should be allowed to resume in the Ambazonia territory for the 2019/2020 academic year.

In a social media publication released a few hours ago, the Ambazonian Patriot intimated that La Republique Du Cameroun should not and never be allowed to continue to unteach Ambazonians in the name of education. Debunking the fake profile account circulating back to school message, Ambazonia Mark Bareta writes:

“A clone account/page bearing the name Mark Bareta advocating for school resumption and same time saying that there is no lockdown.please of you come through such a post and or screenshot know that it is fake. Report any such account to be blocked,” he warned.

The propagator of the fake back to school and anti lockdown message in the personification of Mark Bareta claimed that Ambazonians would remain less privileged if they are uneducated. “Hello fellow Ambazonians, let’s do all to make our kids go to school. They need education. If they are not educated, we will remain marginalized,” the cooked up piece read from start.

According to the CEO of Baretanews, Ambazonia would endorse a back to school campaign once the international community steps in so as to broker a peace deal that would result in a safe zone for effective school resumption. “Ambazonians are not against school resumption, they want an Ambazonia controlled or community schools. Like I have always stated, Ambazonians are not against school resumption, they want an Ambazonia controlled or community schools therefore as the war still rages on, only a negotiated safe zone will ensure safe schools. So the international community needs to intervene for all to end. ” the patriot added.

Meanwhile, lovers and some children of Ambazonia who are well-grounded in the Baretian philosophy have described the school resumption campaign as a trap to cause parents to send their children into the dragnet of the uncivilized bloodthirsty elements of LRC’s military.

In relation to the lockdown due to be observed from Mond,ay September 2 to 6 and 9 to 13, Mark Bareta unleashed his unconditional support to the patriotic and dynamic Pro- independence Ambazonia Forces who have scheduled such a counter mechanism to prevent children from being caught in the cross fire.

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