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ADF Intercepted Momo SDO Convoy, Arrests Wife, Children And Officers-Dr Ayaba Cho




Dear Ambazonians

There has been a widely circulated news article on a supposed United Nations State of Cameroun. I want all Ambazonians to ignore this political fantasy of Professor Chia’s imagination. This propaganda and distraction has been in place for the past 20 years with frivolous claims of UN presence in Ambazonia and UN ID cards being issued etc. In 2004 while in the territory for a mission, l received a briefing from Professor Chia and late Dr Yongbang at the Commercial Avenue office of late Albert Mukong. After the briefing we adviced Professor Martin Chia to abandon this distraction and fantasy that has the potential of infuriating an already jittery Nigeria. We must remained focused on the defence of our independence restored and ignore every distraction injected to distract, confuse and derail our focus.

On another note, yesterday 6/6/2020, our forces captured the wife and children of the SDO of Momo and a police officer who acted as their aid. The family was released but not the officer. We send a strong warning to all colonial operatives who use their civilian families as a conduit and intelligence source. Our forces are active in surgical search and destroy missions targeting all those who aid and abet the crimes of colonisation and genocide in Ambazonia.

My fellow people

Remain confident. Our forces have regained the initiative and are on the offensive. Cameroun is bankrupt and will be punished through targeted operations meant at undermining-political legitimacy, increasing the cost of occupation through economic sabotage and making Ambazonia ungovernable for the occupier. The months ahead may be very difficult but we must persevere and sacrifice in the same way others have to ensure Freedom for all

God bless our homeland

Dr Cho Ayaba

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