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Southern Cameroons Independence Anniversary Gift: United States Congress Issues Strong Resolution on the Ongoing War



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Southern Cameroons Independence Anniversary Gift: United States’ Congress Issues Strong Resolution on the Ongoing War

In what appears to be an independence anniversary gift to Ambazonians, the United States Congress, in its 2nd Session of the 115th Congress (2017-2018), has passed a very strongly worded Resolution (House Resolution 1111), calling on the governments of French Cameroun, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and all its citizenry to adopt nonviolent approaches to the resolution of the ongoing territorial conflict between the two sovereign nations.

The Congress Resolution which is dated October 2, 2018, was sponsored by Congress Woman Ms. Bass Karen and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. This resolution which can be described as the United States’ official policy response on the political imbroglio, is a product the comprehensive Congressional hearing on the conflict that took place on June 27, 2018, in Washington D.C.

BaretaNews presents some of the highlights of this Resolution and shows how it is an independence anniversary gift to the Ambazonian people and the quest for the complete restoration of their stolen independence.

The Congress Resolution summarily and chronologically captures all the major events that have characterized the conflict from a historical and contemporary perspective. It outlines the socio-political, economic, infrastructural, cultural and educational injuries inflicted by French Cameroun on the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

The Congress majorly accuses the colonial regime of the extrajudicial executions, and the violation of freedoms of press, expression, and assembly. It also condemns the violent and unsustainable approaches adopted by colonial French Cameroun’s Yaoundé regime in addressing the outstanding conflicting issues.

Congress holds the colonial government responsible for upholding the rights of all citizens, regardless of political views, beliefs or regions, and urges French Cameroun colonialists to initiate a credible, good and genuine negotiations with religious and community leaders in Ambazonia to seek non-violent solutions to the conflict, including possibly involving an independent mediator in such “NEGOTIATIONS”

Apart from also calling for the strict respect for the fundamental rights of all citizens including political activists and journalists, Congress, demands that ALL Ambazonians arrested and illegally detained within the context of the conflict be promptly charge or released.

These include the famous 47 activists forcibly sent back to French Cameroun from Nigeria, of whom were mostly asylum seekers and considering that the act goes contrary to International law and conventions to which French Cameroun is a signatory.

How the Congress Resolution is an Independence Anniversary gift to Ambazonia.

This Resolution is coming from the US Congress, the legislature of the most powerful nation and a major contributor to the international political system, one day after the independence anniversary of the Southern Cameroons. This is certainly not a diplomatic coincidence but the fruits of the targeted diplomacy, international lobbying, self-defense actions and the Social Media activism of all committed Ambazonian revolutionaries.

The legislator’s intentional use of the word “CONFLICT” and not just “crisis” and the emphasis on the word “NEGOTIATIONS” and not “dialogue” “including a possible involvement of an Independent Mediator in such NEGOTIATIONS” give credit to the Ambazonian revolutionary course.

This is because, the words “crisis” and “dialogue” in conflict resolution are used to address issues relating to internal misunderstandings within a sovereign nation. Negotiations only come after a war between the two conflicting parties, and in this case the two sovereign nations of French Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.

From the preamble of the Resolution, U.S Congress, acknowledges the fact that the current conflict is a war between French Cameroun and Ambazonia, rooted in history and international law and so, only negotians in the presence of an Independent Mediator can bring a sustainable solution.

There is no way the colonial and blood sucking Yaoundé regime can enter into negotiations with the people of Southern Cameroons without the issue of total decolonization of the Southern Cameroons territory on the table. Negotiations on the root causes of the war shall be anchored on history and international law which are all in favour of the Ambazonian people. That is why the colonialists have been afraid of the so-called dialogue in the first place and had resorted to the use of force.

The innocent Ambazonians and the gallant restoration forces whose blood has been spilled for the past two years could not have died for a mere decentralization or Federal system of government. That will be ridiculous to their restless spirits. The gallant restoration forces currently fighting in the jungles across Ambazonia are not fighting for some decentralization or federal system of government. They are fighting for the total restoration of the independence of the sovereign State of Ambazonia, recognized by international law with well-defined and historically traced boundaries known to all international diplomatic institutions.

Consequently, any decision that will NOT be in tandem with the general will of the people (total Independence) and rooted in the legality of the conflict, shall not be accepted by the Ambazonian people. The colonial regime has the time now when tempers have not reached a crescendo to negotiate the terms of separation with the Ambazonian revolutionary leadership and get a moderate reparation for the damages caused on the people of Southern Cameroons for 57 years.

If not, they should be ready to give way for an international intervention championed by the United States and largely approved by Ambazonians in which she (French Cameroun) will have to pay a higher reparation for the war crimes and economic rape of Ambazonia for more than half a century.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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