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PM Yang Ended Tour With Accident, Ignores The Victims



BaretaNews has confirmed that Cameroun first slave Prime Minister Yang visit to the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons ended on a sad note. We are told four Southern Cameroonians sustained severe injuries on Friday 10th March 2017 when a privately owned Toyota Rav4 SUV collided with one of the posh vehicles belonging to the Prime Minister’s motorcade around Baba I, in Ngoketunjia Division.

The Prime Minister was on a back to school crusade. A crusade which ended in fiasco as division by division, Southern Cameroonians rejected the back to school plea from the Prime Minister and requested him to inform Biya to release all leaders, demilitarised Southern Cameroons, restore internet as a basis to begin dialogue.

Reports on the ground indicated that the accident took place after one of the vehicles in the PM’s convoy hit the Rav4, causing it to derail into the Baba I market leaving four of its occupants with severe injuries.

Information says when it occurred, the PM stopped briefly at the scene of the incident without stepping out of his car, before taking off for Bamenda. The PM showed no empathy- a typical La Republique ways of doing things

The injured persons were immediately rushed to a nearby health facility in Baba I.

The injured are responding to treatment as we write.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews.

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