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I have observed public talk about federalism in Cameroon. And realized that each time Anglophones demand a return to the federal system of government, our francophone tormentors especially those in authority get so uncomfortable. By the way, my findings from historians and anthropologists (most of them Francophones) reveals that the union between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons in 1961 was a scam. Secondly the coming of the unitary system which came 11 years after federalism was criminal. And I’ll prove it.

First, the 1972 referendum was poorly handled. The question as to whether Cameroonians at the time wanted a federal or unitary system was supposed to be asked only to West Cameroonians. Because they were the ones who proposed the federal system in the first place. Making the unitary state a national vote was Ahidjo’s attempt to silence Anglophones who were only a million out of 10million Cameroonians. Even if they opposed the unitary state their number would be insignificant in tilting the outcome to their favour.

To make matters worse, West Cameroonians were not even aware of this sinister plot . Even S.T Muna who was a stooge VP of Ahidjo got to know about the unitary state agenda on the 7th May 1972 as Ahidjo addressed Parliament, less than 3 weeks to the Referendum. There was no time for federalism die hards to properly sensitize the masses on the looming dangers of the Post 1972 political genocide.

Also, the 1972 constitution was built on the foundation of the 5th French republic. In other words, most of the terms of that constitution were picked and copied from that of the country’s colonial master France.

Mindful of this fact:

Why do they get so disturbed whenever the word FEDERALISM is mentioned? Why do Anglophone gangsters of the system get so itchy to hide under falsehood just to shamelessly feed on crumbs of the ruling establishment?
For a very long time, this country has stood on the wrong side of history. Some will tell me not to judge the past because I don’t have control over it. But I think Anglophones have grown to be mature in thought to realize they have been coerced to some sort of servitude under the present system. The sugar coated Decentralization hatched in 1996 has failed in flying colours to solve the present imbalance in our political and socio-economic marriage.
Things are falling apart, and the regime must take the present federalism demands to heart. This is the last chance for the system to reconcile with history.

Peter Nsoesie

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