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The Good Man Mwalimu George Ngwane and the Dead Bilingualism Commission



President Paul Biya, on March 15th appointed members of the Bilingualism Commission, 9 of which are Francophones and 5 Southern Cameroonians. Southern Cameroonians have largely rejected the commission. The present “Anglophone” crisis is about statehood restoration and got nothing to do with language etc. Mr.Jay Zee Macaulay in his discuss analyse the commission.

1. Mafany is a regime insider. No matter the goodwill and genuine peacebuilding ideas, efforts and strategies of Mwalimu George Ngwane, Mafany will still influence the final outcome/resolutions of the commission.

2. Jean Marc Afesi Mbafor was thrown into the mix because he “controls” the CPDM youths. Biya now thinks Mbafor will be to that commission, what Tapang and Bara Mark are to the Consortium.

3. Abioem a Choye was brought in because Biya knows that he (Abioem) knows the unadulterated truth on the burning issues of this struggle, and could potentially ‘spill the beans’ like he did in his recent press outings.

4. Mwalimu George Ngwane is ‘The Thinker’ of the commission, and Biya could not leave him out entirely. He is a good man wanting to help. However, watch out for how he might be ‘choked’ and ‘overpowered’ by Biya’s henchmen in the commission. Then sooner or later, he may cry foul about non-respect of certain decisions taken by the commission.

5. Ama Tutu is of NO CONSEQUENCE!!! Even as Minister of Culture, she was zero. So she might just be there for ‘gender’ reasons!

6. Is Nalova part of the commission too? Well, UB is a “Commonwealth hot spot”, an “Evidence 1A” and the face for cases of human rights violation in this struggle. So, somehow, Biya is bringing Nalova in to give a semblance of having the university administrator concerned, to assist ” in government’s effort to find lasting solutions to… bla bla bla”.

We know their rhetorics!

7. Above all, expect the usual bossy arrogance from the francophone members of the commission. It is in their DNA! And mind you, they will come with SPECIFIC instructions from…!

8. Finally, the commission may either just end up like the others; make proposals which will never be implemented (like those on decentralization drafted 20 years ago) or just another rubber stamp commission with resources wasted, no work was done! Then we will all be back to ground zero!!!

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