Support Maurice Kamto Protest In Cameroun, Help Destabilize Cameroun, Reduce Pressure On Our Own People- Dr David Makongo






You must change the way you see things if you want the things you see to change. Therefore, Southern Cameroons must show the international community that we are politically mature. We are not just a bunch of noise makers being manipulated to be fighting and quarrelling each other on social media while our people are being killed.

This is the moment for Southern Cameroons leadership to demonstrate a high sense of political maturity by embracing change and capitalizing on any external intervention that can bring about freedom to our suffering people right now.

Leadership must must not sleep. They must be thinking outside the box. Take a second look at Maurice Kamto and seize whatever opportunity he offers for the attainment of the well established objectives of the people of Southern Cameroons. They use us to divide us. Is there anything wrong with using them to divide them, if only by dividing them we gain freedom and stop the killing of our people?

My fellow friends, all over social media and numerous news outlets, there is an ongoing debate whether or not Southern Cameroons should embrace Maurice Kamto’s decision to sue the Government of Mr. Biya in the African Union against the war in SC and embrace his call for public demonstrations on 26th January in solidarity with the people of North West/South West to bring awareness to the international community about what is really happening in the two Anglophone regions of the country. In my honest and humble opinion, those who say Maurice Kamto must be embraced are right for the following reasons:

1. LRC has used divide and rule as a none-violent repressive weapon to successfully maintain its annexation of Southern Cameroons. To be free, Southern Cameroons must also ride on Maurice Kamto’s back to divide and weaken LRC. It is only if LRC is weakened that they won’t be able to keep holding on to Southern Cameroons.

2. Southern Cameroons must change tactics and embrace new strategies of winning independence. Self-defense, embassy demonstrations and posting of videos all over social media of people who have been killed and villages burned down have so far changed nothing in this war since it was declared on us in 2016. Maurice Kamto’s lawsuit in the AU and call for public demonstrations on the 26th January present a wonderful opportunity that must be embraced as a new strategy to increase pressure on the regime and renewed awareness to the international community to hasten dialogue and negotiations for a lasting resolution of this conflict.

3. Embracing Maurice Kamto will pose a serious threat to the regime and automatically decrease pressure and suffering of our people in NW/SW. No one has forgotten that the Yaounde regime does not care about the lives of our people. All they care about is the resources on our lands and they see this revolution as an attempt to bring trouble where they farm so they must kill in order to scare people and continue with the exploitation. So if anyone like Maurice Kamto successfully oppose them, they will feel their power threatened and withdraw their forces to defend their sit of power in Yaounde and Douala thereby reducing the tension on our people who can now takeover and impose themselves on their lands with little or no further bloodshed.

4. Only manipulators, the ignorant and useless propagandists will claim that embracing Maurice Kamto is tantamount to trying to help a failed politician. This is myopic and no one in their right senses should fall for it. MK has international credibility and connection. He was a member of the International Law Commission of the UNO for over 17 years. He successfully led Cameroon to victory against Nigeria over the Bakasi peninsula and a renowned law professor in Germany and other universities in Europe.

We must also use Maurice Kamto just as they have been using our own people to suppress us and keep us captive. If our end goal is a referendum we must not care how we get there but we must use all available avenues to get there.

Otherwise, can anyone show us here how Maurice Kamto’s lawsuit in our favor and call for public demonstrations in our favor will hurt our chances of ending this war and saving the lives of our people?

I submit once again that only people who are afraid of the outcome of any form of understanding between Maurice Kamto and Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia will try to discourage this golden idea.


1. The way to do it therefore, as many have proposed is for the stakeholders of the revolution to put out a strongly worded statement embracing Maurice Kamto’s lawsuit and call for public demonstrations in solidarity with the people of Southern Cameroons.

2. Ask the people to respect the call for demonstrations but instead of coming out to the streets, Southern Cameroonians should all stay in their homes and avoid being shot at on the streets like it has always happened. Remember that when someone comes with drums and “juju” to mourn with you, you can’t pick up your cutlass and go to your farm. You will stay back and dance with them.

My friends, considering continuous killings people are growing tired of the war. If this struggle is truly ordained by God as we all believe, then Maurice Kamto’s law suit and call for public demonstrations to show solidarity with our is a “God sent” and the people of SC must carefully analyze this and completely seize the opportunity to achieve desired outcomes.

So IG, seize the moment now.

Dr. David Makongo



  1. malis

    January 21, 2019 at 4:42 PM

    Absolutely, it falls under passive support, so it is totally alright.

    One does not need to be part of a thing or be loyal to it in order to support it. This is purely external and strategic and not of necessity.

    We Ambazonians knows exactly where our unconditional loyalty lies, and that is to mama Ambazonia.

    At the end of the day, if those in LRC are not liberated, we are going to suffer from it.

  2. Sunshine

    January 21, 2019 at 6:29 PM

    Biya’s French Cameroun soldiers will eventually start killing in east cameroun. biya has no respect for Ambazonian lives now but he will sooner or later. I doubt if francophones can resist biya because they talk loud and are mostly stooges. It is coming on them sooner or later and there will be no retrieve. They have just learnt the art of resistance from Ambazonia and there is no turning back. I can only pray for God’s grace. Yes, French cameroun will soon become ungovernable because the government has been out of touch with its citizens for over 60 years. It’s not going to end well with biya and his crime syndicate.

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