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Trump’s New Travel Ban Halted: I will take the case “as far as it needs to go”



United States President Donald Trump is ready to effect his foreign policy objectives no matter what it takes. Reports from BBC World News reveals that Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland have blocked President Trump’s new travel ban, which was due into effect on Thursday.

Following the travel ban, immigrants from six Muslim countries were placed a 90-day ban and a 120-day ban on refugees. The Federal judges questioned the legality of the order. According to critics, President Trump’s ban is discriminatory. Meanwhile, President Trump insisted on the fact that the ban was placed in an attempt to stop terrorists from entering the United States.

It should be recalled that a similar version of the ban was issued by President Trump in late January 2017, which triggered demonstrations, confusion and protests across major airports in the United States. However, the ban was later blocked by a judge in Seattle.

Furthermore, in Hawaii, District Judge Derrick Watson cited “questionable evidence” in the government’s argument that the ban was a matter of national security (keeping America safe). US District Judge Theodore Chuang, sitting in Maryland, also ruled it was meant to be a ban on Muslims, and therefore violated the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, Hawaii state had argued that the order would negatively affect tourism and the ability to recruit foreign students and workers, and in Maryland, the plaintiffs argued it discriminated against Muslims and illegally reduces the number of refugees entering the United States for resettlement.

BaretaNews gathered that President Trump is not ready to succumb to the decision by the judges. He is ready to take the order to the US supreme court. In response to the ban, President Trump had this to say: “I will take the case as far as it needs to go.”

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