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This Present “Cameroons” was not the German Kamerun.

German Kamerun didn’t include only Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun.

Part of the argument often presented by Francophones is that we were all part of German Kamerun so we must remain together as one country. This is incorrect.

If La Republique du Cameroun wants to build a country on the basis of the former German Kamerun, then there are more territories for them to be fighting to conquer. Part of current day Borno and Gongola state in Nigeria (previously Northern Cameroons) were all part of the territory of German Kamerun.

In Cross River state in Nigeria, Obodu Ranch and the villages around it were also all part of German Kamerun. This area was carved out and handed to Nigeria purely because of the amount of investment the Nigerian government had made on this region as a touristic site. Almost the whole of Central African Republic, Southern Chad, and Northern Gabon were all managed as part of German Kamerun.

German Kamerun seized to exist from 1916.

By Rexon

Bareta’s take: These are the facts. So La Republique cannot claim we were one before. We were never ever one before. It just happened that as a result of colonialism and bad faith from the UN, UK and France, the option of staying as an independent country was left out. 56 years after the 11th February vote, we are crying the annexation and subjugation of our people. My personal view is that as it stands, no matter which group we support, be it the restoration of a two-state federation or independence, it boils down to the people of Southern Cameroons making that choice. Would it be a referendum to choose your future or we all get into the bush and pick up arms? Both ways there is a cost and price we must pay. The answers lie with YOU.

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