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Southern Cameroonians are victims by their names



Mark Bara

We are already “Victims” by Names

The diaspora has been blacklisted by the regime of Paul Biya. Whether you support this struggle or not, so long as your name originates from Southern Cameroons, you are already in trouble when you arrive Cameroun airports, things would never be same again. Unless you are a well-known CPDM figure abroad which is not a guarantee.

This is the more reason everyone in the diaspora must join so that you enjoy the luxury in landing at Tiko, Bamenda, Nguty and Mamfe airports in a restored state.

So all those passive Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora who can’t support this struggle not even privately, who complain daily or who thinks sharing or crafting post with negative energy, we all are doomed. La Republique is aware, the struggle has come this far because of YOU good people of Southern Cameroons in the diaspora. So if you are still hanging, join now, I mean you reading me. It is either we win, or we stay abroad forever, I love home. I love Southern Cameroons. You understand what it means staying abroad, no matter what, home is home. I miss home, I am sure you miss home also, mother Southern Cameroons await us.

The same is true for jobs, appointments, services all over institutions in this present day Cameroon. We are victims by our names. We would not be recruited, offered admissions in government institutions by virtue of our names. We are abused, victimised, marginalised by virtues of our names.

Therefore, comrades as Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas in his live video said yesterday, we must support this struggle block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood to reclaim our land till freedom comes.

Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora who had been lukewarm should support this struggle so that even if La Republique targets you, you know that it is not in vain and most importantly away from that, this is the right thing to do. Support the struggle, fund the movement and be the master of your future

By your names, you shall be known. That is how La Republique targets us. Do not forget to continue texting and calling home, Ghost towns on Thursday and Friday next week.

The Struggle Continues.

Mark Bareta.

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