Ambazonia Restoration Forces 7Kata of Bafut arrest own Commander, promise ugly days for wayward forces.

Ambazonia Restoration Forces 7Kata of Bafut arrest own Commander, promise ugly days for wayward forces.

A recent communique by the 7Kata restorationist forces of Bafut Local Government Area, Northern Zone of Ambazonia, March 11th, indicates that the days ahead won’t be business as usual for those forces and imposters who drag the name of the Restoration Forces in mud.

General Fuh Shu, Commander-in-Chief of the 7Kata has warned and reiterated that, indiscipline by anyone, even the Restoration Forces and Commanders will not be tolerated in Bafut LGA henceforth. He made his declaration through an official Press Release.

According to the communiqué, on February 19th, two women were arrested in Bafut LGA and their car taken by a recalcitrant Commander . Later, they were released after a ransom was paid twice.  The women then  compiled their case file and submitted  to the Command unit of 7kata, for unlawful arrest and harassment, in strict respect of operations and security laws of the Unit, they won the case and the Commander who perpetuated the act was found wanting.

 The arrested commander is charged as per article 3 of the 7Kata code of conduct, relating to sources of finance for the forces. Still in the communiqué, the General insist that sanity must be restored as no bail will help the defaulters. He insist, “Justice MUST take its course as per the 7kata penal code.

The release from 7kata brings to mind an issue thrashed severally by the BaretaNews team and CEO, Mark Bareta on his live shows where he keeps on insisting that, no single person is bigger than the Struggle for the liberation of Ambazonia.We have heard and seen many FAKE forces operating on Ground Zero. We are aware that some of these forces are sponsored by the colonial Yaounde regime to distabilise our Patriotic Forces. We say NO to that as their end draw near.Restoration Forces all over Ambazonia must be alert at all times. If you see a group sponsored by people like the colonial slave master Atanga nji, you will find odds  amongst which; Looting, Kidnap, Torture of civilians, Rape, Arsons, Thievery and many.  Arrest them immediately you notice that, they are not for the Struggle.

While saluting the Patriotic Courage of Ambazonian Restoration Forces from every angle of the 13 Counties of the Southern Cameroons, we of BaretaNews will like that, Commanders and Generals stay brave and carry out their services to the State at best. Read and know what international instruments hold for Defensive  Elite Forces like yourselves. Listen to the people in the communities you defend, you need them most. They should not be maltreated

In this regard, we recommend you get a copy of the 12th August Geneva Convention. This document is a guide for treating people and institutions during war. You won’t attack health workers, Journalists, Ambulances, Red cross, school Children, etc if you understand it. This saves our Military leader from subsequent persecution for violating internationally recognized instruments.

We hope to see more action on ground to put an end to this phenomenon once and for all. Others have been doing it in other Areas and Counties. Let’s take the queue and cleanse our revolution. Hotline: Report any harassments on Ground Zero to BaretaNews or the CEO, Mark Bareta through Facebook Messenger

Sumelong Ekane

BaretaNews , Bamenda

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1 Comment

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