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Unrepentant Southern Cameroonian Law Makers without jurisdictions and legitimacy are still in Yaounde



Unrepentant Southern Cameroonian Law Makers without jurisdictions and legitimacy are still in Yaounde.

Many Southern Cameroonians by this time should expect that, their Members of Parliament and Senators formerly serving in the Colonial House of Legislature in Yaounde would have given up according to their wish and order. This is yet to happen.

March 12th 2019, still saw these MPs and Senators fully representing who God alone knows in that upper and Lower Houses of Parliament in Yaounde. Most vexing is the fact that, Chief Nfor V.E Mukete and Enoh Tanjong, oldest members of the Senate and National Assembly respectively opened this first Plenary Sittings. Both sons of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia who have resorted to Yaoundé as their new Home, applauded the Military Might that the Biya’s regime is using on their own people west of the Mungo.

Both leaders who are of Biya’s CPDM party, continue to deceive the ailing Yaounde ruler, Paul Biya that things are well in Ambazonia and that there is still a possibility for a united Country with Ambazonia.  Since 2016 when the  Firebrand then SDF MP, Hon.Wirba Joseph made his monumental speech in that Parliament, Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon legislative business got sour. These people had been told to pull out and convene on Buea, Capital of Ambazonia and will be recognized by their people. Unfortunately, since then, they alongside many mayors of the southern Cameroons have rather relocated to Yaoundé.

What is of utmost agrievement is the fact that, for close to 3 years now, these slave masters collect colossal sums of money from the regime in the name of developmental projects in their Local Government Area, LGA. How do you construct a bridge, open farm roads, provide public taps, equip hospitals etc, when smoke is pumping out of Armored Machines in all communities across the Southern Cameroons? Southern Cameroonians have not ceased insisting that, these people do not represent their interest. 

Last year  2018, Biya Paul extended their mandates for municipal, legislative and regional elections to be organised this year except for Senatorial that already took place.Not just their mandates had expired, but their legitimacy over their people. Ambazonians vividly recall what Hon Mbah Ndam of Momo East Constituency, Batibo said to his people on October 2017 when the statehood of Ambazonia was restored. He declared and called on his colleagues to follow suit, by pulling out of the Foreign Parliament because the people who sent him there have said so. Little did the people know it was a trick to continue playing the game of a privilege slave master.

However, this March session will see the voting of bureau members of both legislative houses. Cava Yeguie Gibril who has been speaker of National Assembly for more than quarter a century, from North of French Cameroon will be re-elected.Meanwhile, the bended, old, frail and weak Niat Njifenji in his early 80s is also tipped leader of the moribund senate. These positions, even assistants, have never been given to Anglophones of the Southern Cameroons. In this March session, they will be talking mostly the war in Ambazonian which is crippling their economy. This at a time the United Nations economic, Social and cultural council is holding the regime on its balls for crimes against the People of Ambazonia.

Southern Cameroonians are fully aware of the fact that there is no parliamentarian in the Capital Buea yet and therefore keep insisting that those in Yaounde have been declared Persona non gratas. Their actions are anti- National and will be treated by the Legitimate Government of Ambazonia.
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