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Gabon: Both Candidates Declare Victory, France Will Decide.



Gabon: Gabonese are presently waiting for one of a contested Presidential elections organized on Saturday 27th August 2016. Jean Ping, the leading opposition candidate before the electoral commission intends to declare the election is already claiming victory. Ping said trends shows he is winning the election. Meanwhile, spokesman of the current President Ali Bongo is echoing same words about victory hours after Ping’s announcement

Ping went on to distribute figures showing him easily beating incumbent Ali Bongo Ondimba in Saturday’s vote. “The general trends indicate we are the winner of this important presidential election,” Ping told reporters and a large crowd of cheering supporters gathered at his campaign headquarters in the capital, Libreville.

Ali Bongo, 57, first won the election after his father Omar died in 2009. He said “massive fraud” had been observed during the vote, particularly in polling stations in opposition strongholds.

However, interior ministry acknowledged irregularities but offered little detail.

“The elections were calm and without major conflict … In spite of fraud noted in some polling stations, the process is satisfactory and positive for all of the observers,” it said, adding that official results would be announced on Tuesday.

BaretaNews notes that France, colonial master of 14 African French countries has the highest stakes in this election. As usual, the final results of who to become the next President of Gabon will come from the Elysee Palace, France. They are always the dictator of who becomes Presidents in these countries and they will do everything possible even if bloodshed is involved in getting their man be the President. We saw similar issues in other African countries and history teaches us so. BaretaNews hopes for peace in Gabon as both sides are already claiming victory. Africans have suffered a lot.

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