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28.5 Billion Contract Awarded To Arab Contractors



The Egyptian civil engineering company, Arab Contractors, has been awarded a 28.5 Billion contract for the construction of a stretch of the Sangmélima-Ouesso cross-border road which is meant to link Cameroon to the Republic of Congo.

The construction will run for 20 months with the construction of 32 kilometres of road between Bikoula and Djoum, to complete the 65 km of road between Sangmélima and Djoum.

The contract officially presented as “the missing link between the capitals Yaoundé and Brazzaville”, the Sangmélima (Cameroon)-Ouesso (Congo) cross-border road construction project will consist in paving 651 km, including 316 km on the Cameroonian side and 335 on the Congolese side (including the first 169 km commissioned on 11 February 2016).

Several donors are funding this contract using loans from the BADEA, IBD, AfDB, the Saudi Development Fund, the Kuwaiti Fund. The two states are also involved in the project.

God is still saying something.

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