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Open Letter No 5.
To all MPs and Senators from Southern Cameroons!

Honarable Members of Parliament, Honorable Senators from Southern Cameroons, things have fallen apart, the center can no longer hold in Yaounde. Your constituents want you back home.

Being an elected MP/Senator is more than just casting a vote on the issues you are presented with by the Biya regime which are meant to maintain a strangle hold on our people. It is about leadership of which you have failed to lead us. Being a representative of the people is also about compelling the Biya regime to stop abductions and end the militarization and occupation of our entire land.Here again you have failed.

Actually being the representative of the people is about getting 100% votes on initiatives that get jobs for all our graduates and others who are willing and capable to work.And here again you have failed us all

Apart from CDC and SONARA of yesteryears, you have done absolutely nothing to facilitate the opening of new companies throughout SC to explore and exploit our multitude of natural resources in the areas of mining, oil and gas,fishery, energy, just to name a few for the empowerment of our youth. On the contrary you are guilty of aiding and abaiding the complete destruction of our economy and reinforcing the impoverishment of the people you pretend to represent in parliament. All you MPs will agree with us that the economy of Southern Cameroons has been completely wrecked by LRC, leaving behind onlymisery and abject poverty.

Honorable Senators/MPs your massive failure cannot be pinned on your heads alone. It is eloquent testimony that “The Republic of Cameroon” is not working for people of Southern Cameroons origin. Everyday in SC is characterized by mass suffering, fear and uncertainty.

All you MPs will agree with us that the economy of Southern Cameroons has been completely wrecked by LRC, leaving behind onlymisery and abject poverty.

You are fully aware our streets, schools and market places have been completely militarized and our people you claim to represent in the Upper and Lower Houses of Congress abducted, tortured, raped, kidnapped or killed. Everyone on our land is afraid and leaving in panic and greater uncertainty not knowing who will be LRC next prey or victim.

But you close your eyes to all this evil and open your mouth to campaign for school resumption even though you know this will only plunge your constituents further into untold suffering. Your continuous stay in Yaounde is an obstacle to our liberties and freedoms just as it is a stumbling block to our immediate ascendance to restoration of the Southern Cameroons statehood.

From the foregone, you can see clearly that the whole concept about “LRC” (the Republic of Cameroon or “one and indivisible Cameroon”) has completely collapsed and will never again have a chance to succeed. It is everyone’s guess that the concept favours only the oppressor and a few of our elected officials at the top who have sold their conscience to conspire with our oppressor in order to keep SC as slaves for ever.

Honorable MPS and Senators, that was not the dream of unification and national integration. That is the nightmare of Southern Cameroons annexation and therefore all elected members of Parliament and Senators must resign as a block from Yaounde and come back home so that together we can build our own country for our own children and be part of the new history of Southern Cameroons that is already being written

Tell Yaounde that “You can force a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink” and COME BACK HOME!

Dr. David Makongo ( Senior Negotiator & Legal Consultant)

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