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Social Democratic Front (SDF) to Clamour for Federalism and National Unity



Following the February 23rd, 2017 press statement by the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the party’s Regional Executive Committee agreed on a rally to take place on March 4th, 2017 in Douala. According to information from BaretaNews sources, the said rally is aimed at propagating federalism and national unity as a solution to the ongoing Anglophone crisis. It should be noted that the SDF Chairman in the person of Ni John Fru Ndi had warned the Biya government to find amicable solutions to the Anglophone Problem, of which failure in doing so will result in SDF taking responsibilities independently. Southern Cameroonians embraced the resolution, owing to the fact that many think SDF has been faulty in taking actions to contribute to solving the ongoing crisis that has plagued the North West and South West Regions since the end of Novemeber 2016.

It should be noted that the SDF to an extent has been vocal in expressing their discontent in the persistent indifference attitude posed by the Biya administrative government. Amongst a variety of issues that were taken into consideration by SDF that needs urgent intervention by the government was the immediate release of all Southern Cameroonians who have been arbitrary arrested and detained, the demilitarisation of Southern Cameroon, and the reinstallment of internet services in the North West and South West Regions.

Also, the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has intensified efforts towards the struggle by calling on massive ghost town operations every Mondays as from Monday the 27th of February 2017. The Consortium has also strengthened other civil disobedience campaigns like the non-payment of taxes, no resumption of schools, and the boycott of national events like Women’s Day and 20th May celebrations.

Amidst the current situation, the said rally by SDF is, however, being criticised by many Southern Cameroonians who because of persistent bad faith from the government towards the crisis, they want a complete restoration of their Southern Cameroon Statehood. Nevertheless, BaretaNews concludes by saying that any action or activity geared towards the struggle is welcomed, no action should be disregarded, joint efforts are very much important to the struggle.

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