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Independence and Restoration

The power to free Southern Cameroons rest in our hands. No one will do it for us. To borrow the words of Ayaba Cho Lucas, leader of the AGC, Southern Cameroons shall be free only by targeted Diplomacy, Self Defense and Community Mobilization. Therefore, every Southern Cameroonian and every group must identify where they belong and how much they can offer to the best of their abilities. As far as this platform is concerned, we of BaretaNews hold it true that community mobilization and Self Defense are two great tools we must employ now than ever before. If targeted diplomacy must be strengthened, community mobilization and self defense must be louder so that those who hold targeted diplomacy will have somewhere to show to the powers that be that look if you do not act, then things will go for the worse. We must as a matter of fact employ these strategies. This is why we must fight to make sure homeland remains ungovernable, schools remain shutdown and courts closed.

Therefore, village by village, Community by Community, City by City, Town by Town, every Southern Cameroonian must take action, everyone must be a soldier to protect the struggle. The question should be what am I doing to protect the struggle? It is a clarion call for everyone to invest either financially, human resource wise, intelligence resource etc to move the struggle ahead. The diaspora because of space must invest financially heavily in self defense and community mobilization. It is the place of everyone in the diaspora to take charge of his or her community. If there is a school ongoing in your community, you in the diaspora must take actions by identifying individuals and vigilantes in your area to take actions. You in the diaspora must believe in groups and supports the actions of the SCACUF governing council and most especially fund the Ambazonia Defense Council which has taken upon itself to create a unit of army. The actions of the ADF needs sustainability. For those who are home, you must provide the human and intelligence resource. Rather than running to the diaspora to complain often, the questions must be: What am I doing to stop what I am seeing? Complain less, go invincible and be a soldier. Create your own vigilantes and take actions, ask for support if you lack. It is an all for one, one for all mission.

These actions if jointly carried out will bring us the required restoration of Independence. We must be reminded that Southern Cameroons had its independence since 1st October 1961. What we are fighting now is NOT to gain another Independence. The United Nations shall not give Southern Cameroons Independence twice. We are fighting for the restoration of the Independence that the United Nations passed in 1961-an independence which was stolen from us. Therefore, self defense, targeted diplomacy and community mobilization are all actions meant to force the United Nations to declare the restoration of our independence. Thus, the euphoria of celebrating 1st October Independence is being misplaced. We have since 1993 when the government failed to head to the two states federation call from Southern Cameroonians each year celebrated the Southern Cameroons Independence. This was done mostly by Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC members and we are living testimony of the abductions, killings, maimings of all those who celebrated such a day in Southern Cameroons because of their less number. Now, the people have risen, there is power in numbers. We must show that people’s power.

Therefore, on 1st October this year, we are still waiting for the Independence celebration calender from the SCACUF governing council. We are expected to give such independence celebration this year a different taste as to what used to occur in the past. We must therefore kill fear and come out massively village by village, community by community to celebrate the Independence of Southern Cameroons though still in captivity. This will send a very loud message. Those in the diaspora must also come out country by country to celebrate. We are yet to declare and celebrate the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. Restoration is a process which is nearer than we thought and it is currently ongoing but to restore that independence it will take targeted diplomacy, self defense and community mobilization- something we are currently building and engaging on. Thus, we must invest heavily in these three if we want to celebrate restoration day- it is all about sustainability and this is what the Ambazonia Defense Council is talking about. So, while waiting for the restoration day celebration, we must not loose sight in celebrating our 1st October Independence day.

The momentum towards 1st October celebration of Independence must begin from the 22nd September 2017 home and diaspora protest in which the governing Council has called. We must begin the process of this day by killing fear and just as the people of Bui and Lebialem have shown us, let us take their examples and begin taking back our community by coming out village by village, city by city, block by block to say, YES WE ARE A PEOPLE WITH RIGHTS TO SELF DETERMINATION. To call for the RELEASE OF MANCHO AND OTHERS, To call for the Demilitarisation of our towns, to call for the stop of abductions and to send a clear message to UN that we want OUT.
Yes, we can

Mark Bareta.

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