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Kamto Baits Anglophones: I Will Listen TO SCNC If You Vote Me



Maurice Kamto, former Justice Minister Delegate and the National Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, has assured militant of his party in the North West Region, to find a long-lasting solution to Anglophone marginalization and assimilation and more importantly to give a listening ear to the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, worries if he is elected President come 2018.

Kamto made the statement during the grand launch of the party at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue grandstand recently.




Christopher Ndong, who is the party SG had requested to know from the MRC Chairman how he intends solving the Anglophone Problem. Kamto responded by saying “All Cameroonians are one in this great nation and none should be looked upon as a second-class citizen.” He continued ” I will convene a roundtable conference where all will debate and make the Anglophone problem a thing of the past”

He added again “I shall fight against all forms of marginalisation and assimilation of Anglophones in this country and bring peace and unity in this our Motherland,”

Kamto also promised the North West roads and said “500,000 jobs shall be created in the field of agriculture,” and added that the Northwest will be given particular attention for its great role in building our country Cameroon.”

Kamto ended by calling on North Westerners and Cameroonians, in general, to register massively, turn out to vote and defend their vote.

BaretaNews thinks that Kamto is playing a good game. He is attacking North West, the stronghold of the main opposition party, the SDF to breach its influence in the region. Kamto knows the strategic role the North West and its people play in the Cameroons democracy and therefore he is using those messages which are central to the people of the North West. It is very necessary that to solve a problem, it is good to understand it first. The first step Kamto has succeeded is accepting that there is an Anglophone problem and by making it central to his campaign by accepting to bring all stakeholders to the table to discuss this is the right step in the right direction. Though BaretaNews disagrees with Kamto views of the Anglophone problem, we, however, think that in the present Cameroon situation, he is just doing what ought to be done by any politician who is seeking the votes of the Anglophone people.

The MRC of Kamto should naturally have the support of the West region which has been an important block to the SDF in the past. If this block is taken away by the MRC and the intruding of MRC into North West Region of the SDF stronghold, the SDF of Ni John Fru Ndi should be worried. Let the politics play.

God is still saying something.

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