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No one should be fooled as to the perpetrators of the acts of vandalism on the Bamenda-Bafoussam Highway. The criminals are the Biya regime and its agents.

To understand what is going on, never forget that there are at least two kinds of Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

First, there are pro-independence Restoration Forces or Amba Boys who are totally devoted to defeating the colonialists. This first category of truly self-defense liberation forces have a clear chain of military command. They have a clearly identified civilian leadership at the helm of political movements, like Dr. Lucas Cho Ayaba of the AGC and Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga of SCYL. Leaders of Amba Forces in this category do not hide. They have laid their lives on the line. They speak publicly about what they do. They do not play the cowards hiding behind masks to send all kinds of threats as well as perpetrate acts of sabotage.

Second, there are those so-called Amba Boys who are really militias, formed by the regime (working along the same line as the 14,000-person militia the regime formed in its three northern regions to assist it in assassinating the innocent while claiming to fight Boko Haram). They are under the command of regime zealots like the GCE failure called Ekema Patrick; attention seekers like Njume Franklin, school dropouts turned ministers like Atanga Nji Paul. There are also units within the armed and security forces who go undercover to perpetrate these acts of sabotage on behalf of the regime (as those who burnt down Sacred Heart or equipment at SATOM) and within the police force like those who attacked students in a college in Bafut last Monday.

On account of the fact that the leaders of the pro-government militias are, in fact, government agents and/or members of its armed and security forces, they stay behind masks; they get cover from government forces to perpetrate large scale attacks such as the one on the highway, lasting hours yesterday night. They also sow disagreement among communities, such as attacking the Mbororo community. Ahead of posing the acts of last night, the regime got their masked men in arms to take to social media promising to attack vehicles, banning all movement of vehicles into or out of Ambazonia. Their goal is completely unconnected to the well-known agenda pursued openly by the genuine liberation movements. For instance, pro-independence groups campaign for ghost town Mondays and an act consisting of stopping travel within and across Ambazonia’s borders does not fall in line with campaigns by these groups. Had the cars stopped last night on the Bamenda-Bafoussam Highway happened on a Monday, one could even begin to think that it was an act meant to enforce respect for ghost towns. There are no ghost town Sundays. Besides moving heavy duty, slow moving equipment into the highway and damaging it so badly would have taken hours and hours – time enough for the terrorists working for the colonialists to stop it.

Videos posted on social media ever since the vandalization of that highway repeat a narrative hatched by the Biya regime. The cooked-up narrative neither stands up to fact nor logic. The perpetrators – true to the logic that the criminal always goes back to the scene of their crime – returned to the highway. The criminals, pretending to be ordinary civilians horrified by the acts of vandalism, have been filming and sharing footage of their crime scene; giving themselves high marks on social media.

Watch the videos and you’ll see, as I did, that those producing and churning out thus anti-Ambazonian Independence propaganda are none other than agents of the colonizers. How do I know that? Simple. Watch again and you will see that the so-called ordinary civilians, revolted by the crimes of last night, can hold up their phones, walk and film around, including shooting video of the armed terrorists of Biya on the scene. They can come up very close to and walk past the terrorist occupation forces of the regime and not be stopped or prevented from filming or arrested for filming.

Right there, the Biya regime and the thick-skulled agents helping them hatch these lies show just how desperate the regime has become. They are trying very hard, but someone needs to remind them that they have been found out. “Wuna dross di show!”

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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